Woe to our VAR: how Romania came to be seriously confused by technology

Romania is in a twilight zone! What happens to us shows that we are “fighting” with technology, unable to use it as others do in the rest of the world. The video refereeing (VAR) story is a clear proof of this.

Gheorghe Hagi had a nervous breakdown on his birthday, after FCSB – Farul

Of course, nowhere has VAR eliminated refereeing errors entirely. But he reduced them drastically. For us, the VAR seems to confuse us more! And stage number 24 had two hallucinatory matches, within 24 hours, in which the errors committed by “the knights of the whistle” have “eclipsed“the technical-tactical part. There were some mistakes so big that all the discussion and analysis after the final whistle focused on these incomprehensible decisions.

First, there was the X-Files performance by Istvan Kovacs, at Sfântu Gheorghe, in Sepsi – University of Craiova (1-3). And when the center from Carei was still in the foreground for his blunders, six in number, to his luck the match FCSB – Farul (1-1) was played. And in the National Arena there were some glaring mistakes and as a result the story of Istvan Kovacs was forgotten!

Hagi, “stolen”, then rewarded for his screams

An extremely poor match from the point of view of sports spectacle ended up being an incendiary one solely because of the refereeing.

First, in the 58th minute, “sailors“they had a goal disallowed for an absurd offside signaled to Louis Munteanu. The decision was validated by video referee analysis (VAR). That has “successful” to draw some ridiculous lines to make it appear that the Lighthouse striker is in an offside position! So, on his birthday, Gheorghe Hagi (59 years old) was, first, “stealing“.

Horatiu Feșnic, the referee of the match FCSB - Farul

Horatiu Feșnic, the referee of the match FCSB – Farul

This serious mistake, against the Lighthouse, was later compensated by another refereeing error. This time, one in favor of the guests. Because, at the end of the match, an embarrassing penalty was given for Dobrogeni. The highlight, also after the VAR analysis! The phase was preceded by Hagi's screams from the sidelines. Here, at this stage, the drama is that, initially, the central Horațiu Feșnic (34 years old) had made the right decision, letting the game flow. But then, called by Andrei Chivulete (37 years old), who was in the VAR room, Feșnic saw the phase again on the monitor on the edge of the lawn. Probably, with Hagi's screams in his ear. That would also explain the fact that, shockingly, Feșnic reversed his right decision and turned it into the wrong one: penalty for Farul after the Dawa – Mihai Popescu duet!

So after it was “stealing” first, Hagi received a “gift“embarrassing. And his team left the National Arena with a point, after Larie converted the shot from 11 meters.


Marica: “We have cheap VAR”

Of course, the scandalous decisions from the match FCSB – Farul were analyzed in the TV studios. And, almost everywhere, the conclusions were identical: Louis Munteanu's absurdly disallowed goal, free penalty awarded to Farul at the end.

When leaving the stadium, the official from Constanta, Ciprian Marica (38 years old), also commented on the refereeing. The former international raised a problem that has been mentioned in the past. Namely the fact that our VAR is “cabbage” because it is filmed with too few cameras, compared to the VAR in other countries.

I think that goal disallowed by Louis Munteanu is impossible. The lines are poorly drawn. In our country, refereeing influences the championship. We have a cheap VAR. This VAR that we had is not what we need. We have too few cameras, too few angles. VAR confuses us more“, was the difficult verdict given by Marica.

Superliga 2023-2024, 24th stage


Botoșani – Poli Iasi 2-1

FC U Craiova 1948 – Dinamo 2-1


Petrol – CFR Cluj 1-2

Fast – Oțelul Galati 2-1


Cluj University – UTA 1-3

Sepsis – University of Craiova 1-3


Volunteers – Hermannstadt 1-1

FCSB – Farul Constanta 1-1


1. FCSB 24 15 6 3 46-21 51

2. CFR Cluj 24 12 6 6 43-24 42

3. Fast 24 11 9 4 42-27 42

4. University of Craiova 24 10 7 7 35-29 37

5. Constanta Lighthouse 24 10 7 7 34-33 37

6. Sepsis 24 9 6 9 35-30 33

7. Hermannstadt 24 7 12 5 31-26 33

8. Cluj University 24 8 8 8 31-36 32

9. Oil 24 6 13 5 24-24 31

10. FC U Craiova 1948 24 9 3 12 38-39 30

11. UTA 24 7 9 8 28-34 30

12. Galati Steel 24 5 13 6 24-25 28

13. Volunteers 24 6 8 10 29-40 26

14. Poli Iasi 24 6 8 10 27-39 26

15. Botoșani 24 3 9 12 23-42 18

16. Dynamo 24 4 4 16 15-36 16

*Places 1-6 enter the play-off (round-trip, 10 stages in total).

*Places 7-16 will continue in the play-out (single leg, 9 stages in total).

*The 1st place in the play-off participates in the Champions League, and the 2nd and 3rd place in the play-off, in the Europa Conference League.

*The 3rd place in the play-off will play a play-off with the winner of the play-off between the 1st and 2nd places in the play-out for a place in the Europa Conference League.

*The 9th and 10th places in the play-out are directly relegated. The relegable places 7/8 in the play-out play a play-off with the places 3/4 in League 2.