The deadlock on merging elections continues. PSD leader: “All options are on the table”

PSD and PNL representatives did not reach a consensus regarding a possible merger of elections, but also regarding the entire calendar of this year's polls.

Nicolae Ciucă and Marcel Ciolacu PHOTO Mediafax

UPDATE Sources from the Coalition stated that they will continue the talks on Sunday. In the future, both formations remain in their original positions: PSD wants a full calendar for the 2024 elections, PNL wants first and foremost the European-parliamentary-local merger.

UPDATE The third day of negotiations for the merger was not successful either. There remains a deadlock in the campaign on this issue. “The discussions were about optimizing the election year” pointed out Mihai Tudose, in an intervention on Digi24, after the Coalition meeting, being asked about the merger of the elections.

All options are on the table“, added the PSD vice-president. Tudose denied a possible breakup of the Coalition. “Cîțu said the breakup of the Coalition. Cozma said it before or I have no idea. Sir, they are not PNL leaders“, continued Tudose

UPDATE While the leaders are preparing for the Coalition, increasingly critical public messages about the merger are coming from the social-democratic camp. “To be very clear, PSD never requested the organization of a coalition meeting for merger. Do you know what I haven't seen in recent months regarding the requests of our governing colleagues to organize coalition meetings? I did not see that during the critical period of the discussions with farmers and transporters, when people were shouting their problems in the street, anyone from the PNL asked for the organization of a coalition meeting. Also, I did not see PNL asking for a coalition meeting to discuss why some of the health unions were in the streets. Instead, now, when it comes to your positions, they are extremely interested in asking for the organization of coalition meetings”, said Budai in a message sent on Friday on his Facebook account.

There were similar reactions from the deputy Oana Florea and the general councilor Adrian Vigheciu.

UPDATE The meeting of the Coalition will take place from 4:00 p.m., at the Victoria Palace, claim political sources for “Adevărul”. The PNL wants a variant of the merging of the MEPs with the local ones, while the PSD wants an election calendar for the whole year.

When asked on his return from Italy what was happening with the mergers, the prime minister stated, smiling, that he wanted “three mergers this year”. “I want to go on three mergers. Can you also tell me how to save money by combining?”, said Marcel Ciolacu, according to a video broadcast by Antena 3 CNN.

Moreover, according to the quoted source, there was a telephone discussion between Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă on Friday morning, and a meeting between the two was established this afternoon. Also, a meeting in the classic format is expected, that is, with the presence of those from the narrow leaderships of the two parties.

According to the “Truth” information, the new deadline set for all legislative changes to be made is February 20, i.e. next Tuesday. Otherwise, at least the first election will be on time. More precisely, the European parliamentary and local elections.

It is being circulated within the Coalition that the talks between the two parties will continue over the weekend, depending on how the negotiation is conducted today.