The emotional message of the former prime minister of Romania on Mioara's death. Petre Roman: “I really want to say it…”

The former prime minister of Romania had a first reaction to the death of Mioara, who was his wife for more than 3 decades. Petre Roman sent an emotional message upon hearing the news that Mioara Roman passed away.

Mioara and Petre Roman divorced after 34 years of marriage PHOTO Adevărul

Although they had not spoken for a long time, Petre Roman, who married the singer Silvia Chifiriuc after divorcing Mioara, had a first reaction to the news that his ex-wife had died.

No (I haven't spoken to her recently – no).

I'm so sorry he's gone. She, for a long time, struggled with a serious illness.

He fought, he was a very strong man, very intelligent and very prepared.

The thing I really want to say is that she did a lot of good: a lot of people, especially young people, got lessons from her, got life advice.

I think there are many people who can create a better life with the guidance, the knowledge and the way of thinking that Mioara instilled in him.

I am fully convinced that God is resting her, because she fully deserves it“, said Petre Roman on CNN's Antena 3.

The tragedy that marked Mioara Roman in his personal life. Who did Petre Roman love before?

Mioara Roman died today, at the age of 83. Teacher of Arabic language and culture, Mioara Roman was a remarkable presence in the mass media, being for many years the head of the Arabic language department at Radio Romania International.

But, behind her brilliant career, Mioara Roman also lived a complex personal life, marked by two tumultuous marriages, which over the years captured the public's attention.

Mioara Roman's first marriage

Few people know that Mioara Roman was married twice, her first marriage being with Iosif Zilahy, the coach of the national women's fencing team. This love story started when Mioara was only 19 years old, and Iosif, 27, and lasted 12 years.

About their relationship, Iosif Zilahy testified: “She conquered me with her beauty. I was 27 when we met at the fencing gym. It was a very beautiful love story.”

A daughter, Catinca, resulted from this marriage.

Even after the separation, Mioara Roman and Iosif Zilahy remained on good terms, focusing on the well-being of their daughter. Tragedy struck Mioara in September 2022 when Iosif Zilahy passed away, a difficult moment that brought their special bond back into focus.