The experience of a Romanian driver with an electric car to Greece: It cost me 327 lei, compared to 1,800 last year. “We make you a national hero”

A Romanian told on a Facebook group intended for vacations the experience he had with the electric car, all the way to Greece. “It cost me 327 lei, compared to last year’s transport, 1800 lei,” claims the man. His post sparked a wave of contradictions and ironies.

Electric car, charging PHOTO: Shuterstock

“Because my post a while ago made such a fuss, to the question , I said to come back with news after the holiday. I’ll start with the summary, to answer first of all the people from Cărcota who know all about electric cars, but have never driven one: the return transport Bucharest-Paxos-Bucharest + 280 km in Paxos cost me 327 lei. Compared to last year’s transport by diesel car Bucharest-Lefkada-Bucharest + the walks on the island, which cost me 1,800 or so lei. And I haven’t done the fool’s feather, nor have I hours per charge”wrote the driver, who signed himself “anonymous participant” .

Next, he reported that he left Bucharest with a fully loaded car and stopped in several areas for loading

“He stopped at Petrom before the Friendship Bridge, I said let’s leave the country with . Charging 12 minutes, 28 lei. Next stop Supercharger Sofia- with 18% battery. Free charging, 35 minutes, enough time to go to the toilet, get an ice cream and decompress. Next stop Petrol Kulata – charge 24 minutes, 47 lei. Audi Ioannina’s third stop, high-speed charger charging and ….. at great expense….. 82% charge, 150 lei. I arrived at the Igoumenitsa ferry with an 86% loaded car. I nicely went to ask at the counter . The lady at the counter officially answers me that So, on the ferry the electric car is considered a vehicle and that’s it“, the man wrote, on “Forum Grecia”.

The man told his experience on Facebook PHOTO: FB

The man told his experience on Facebook PHOTO: FB

Throughout the vacation, the Romanian tourist says that the car was loaded at the accommodation. On the way back, he loaded up at Sofia and Ruse, arriving home with “82% battery”.

“I received a measuring device and charged every two days, 15-25% each. At the end of the vacation, because the amount was about 20 euros, the administrator told us that we did not pay anything, that we consumed very little. Happy much needed, I left with a 100% charged battery on the ferry. The road on the continent at 42 degrees, with the car full, with air conditioning, at 130 per hour on the highway to Thessaloniki cost us 79% battery. I stopped at the Holiday Inn overnight, where I charged at one of the two chargers recently installed in the basement parking lot. I paid 102 lei. Parking is paid separately 10 euros at the hotel, per day. The road to Romania was free – charging Sofia and Ruse, I arrived home with 82% battery. Was the holiday with the electric car worth it? Fully. Danger? Too much relaxation. Do I still drive an electric car in Greece? Every time from now on”the man concluded.

“We make you a national hero, we thank you for making our air less polluted”

His post sparked a wave of contradictory comments, but also ironies from drivers who don’t trust electric cars.

“We make you a national hero. With this electrified trip you saved the planet. Well done, and keep it up. We mere mortals thank you and are deeply grateful that you make our air less polluted.” one person wrote.

“I am also included in the category of scoundrels. I want to emphasize the fact that last year we had a power outage, after a fire on the mainland in Alexandrpouli (!!) on the island of Samothraki, for three days, during which there was no cold beer, for obvious reasons. I think then you could have bought an electric car there for a quarter of the price”wrote a “Greece Forum” user.

“Have a good trip, go healthy and come back the same! I’m not a whiner, but I wasn’t convinced by the electrics either. I don’t want to hear arguments for or against, because I already know them”another Romanian wrote.

“Basically, I don’t like anonymous participants, it’s like starting a post from scratch that doesn’t start on a real basis. A hidden man cannot offer a relevant opinion precisely because of his non-existence… otherwise… happy holidays to all”another netizen concluded.