Lasconi, image blow after the qualification of the national team. He went to University Square

The new president of the USR, Elena Lasconi, went to the University Square in the capital to celebrate with the supporters the qualification of the national football team in the eighth round of EURO 2024.

Elena Lasconi won the competition for the position of USR president on Wednesday. PHOTO Facebook/USR

On Tricolor Day we relearned the joy of celebrating together! Thanks to the National Football Team for this! Good job boys!

And let’s not forget that we can make Tricolor Day every day! In deeds, not in words!”, according to a post published on Facebook by USR.

Elena Lasconi can be seen in the images published on Facebook while holding the Romanian flag on her back. In addition to the around 30,000 fans who supported the team in the stands of the stadium in Frankfurt, millions of Romanians are happy for this qualification in the country and are celebrating.

The match for the qualification of the national team in the round of 16 of the 2024 European Football Championship ended on Wednesday, June 26, with Romania in first place in group E. The match was played at the Frankfurt Arena.

We remind you that Elena Lasconi, the mayor of Câmpulung Muscel municipality, won, on Wednesday, the internal competition for the position of president of the Save Romania Union, with a detached score of 7701 of the votes (68.14%), in front of the three counter-candidates.