The Intuitive Machines spacecraft, which will land on the moon on February 22, has sent the first photos from space of our planet: “They are amazing” | Photo

Intuitive Machines' lunar rover is on its way to the moon after launching without a hitch on Thursday, but it managed to capture some incredible images of Earth from space.

Breathtaking photos of the Earth taken on the way to the moon PHOTO X

The company shared the first batch of images from the IM-1 mission on X two days ago, after confirming in a post that the spacecraft is “in excellent condition“.

Along with a photo of Earth and some “Self portraits” of the Nova-C lunar probe, nicknamed Odysseus, a part of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket can also be seen after separation, according to Yahoo News.

The team posted a series of updates on X at the end of the week, confirming that the craft had passed several key milestones before satellitening, including engine ignition.

This marked “the first in-space ignition of a liquid methane and liquid oxygen engine“, according to Intuitive Machines.

Intuitive Machines successfully transmitted the first images of the IM-1 mission to Earth on February 16, 2024. The images were captured shortly after separation from @SpaceX's second stage on Intuitive Machines' first trip to the moon as part of @NASA's CLPS,” the Houston-based company wrote on Saturday (Feb. 17) in a post on X that shared four of the photos.

CLPS is the Commercial Lunar Transport Services program, which places the agency's scientific instruments on private robotic lunar shuttles like Odysseus. These instruments are designed to collect data that will help NASA's Artemis program, which aims to establish a manned base near the lunar south pole by the late 2020s.

Odysseus is carrying six NASA experiments and technology demonstrations, along with six private payloads, on its current IM-1 mission.

Odysseus' combination of liquid methane and liquid oxygen, moreover, is also used by SpaceX's Raptor engines, which power their new behemoth, the Starship rocket. Starship, which SpaceX is developing to take humans to the moon and Mars, is ready for its third test flight, which could take place in the coming weeks.