The Minister of Labor, about the non-taxation of families with minimum wage: We are currently doing an analysis

The Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity (MMSS), Simona Bucura Oprescu, said on Friday that at the level of the institution she leads, an analysis is currently being made regarding the non-taxation of families whose income is one or two salaries per economy

Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity (MMSS), Simona Bucura Oprescu Photo: Archive

Of course, solidarity for us, as always, is very important, and families with low incomes, even more so. At this moment, as the Prime Minister told us at the Ministry of Labor, we are doing an analysis in this sense, and when we have the solution ready, we will let you know“, said Minister Simona Bucura Oprescu, according to Agerpres.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu paid a visit to the Constanța Naval Shipyard on Friday, he was accompanied by the Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity (MMSS), Simona Bucura Oprescu, and press statements were made at the end of the visit.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, president of the PSD, declared on Wednesday, in Mioveni, that a family with one child, having as income two minimum wages in the economy, finds it difficult to handle the costs of everyday life, that is why they must worked on lowering taxation on minimum incomes.

Lower taxation

It is obvious that if there are two minimum wages per economy, it is very difficult to handle a child. That's why work must be done, first and foremost, by lowering taxation on minimum incomes. If this happens: having two minimum incomes in a family, that is the threshold, let's consider the lowest income threshold. And so that this doesn't happen (…) we have to balance somehow. If we unbalance all the time, we will end up with a huge deficit and dysfunctions in the macroeconomic system“, Ciolacu said.