The number of flu cases is increasing. Top cities with the most cases

In the week of January 29 – February 4, the incidence of respiratory infections exceeded the average level calculated for the last seasons. Influenza activity continued with a high intensity and an extensive geographical spread of the circulation of influenza viruses throughout the country – reports the National Institute of Public Health (INSP).

The flu is wreaking havoc due to low vaccination rates. Photo source: archive

In this interval, 135,870 cases of respiratory infections (clinical flu, IACRS and pneumonia) were reported, with 36.5% more cases compared to the same week of the previous season (99,564) and 2.1% more cases compared to the week previous (133,057).

The variation in addition to the calculated average of 123,007 cases in the last seasons (2016 – 2023, excluding pandemic seasons) was 10.5%.

Also in the same period, 8,391 cases of clinical flu were registered at the national level, compared to the 2,788 cases, in the same week of the previous season, and with 9,151 registered the previous week.

Where are most cases of flu reported?

Cases of clinical flu were reported throughout the country, but most were registered in the city of Bucharest (1,116) and in the counties of Cluj (953), Brasov (566), Constanţa (490), Prahova (476) and Iasi (474). ).

According to the weekly report, 45 cases of severe acute respiratory infections (SARS) were also reported, two more than the previous week and 19 less than the same period of the previous season, as well as 268 cases of laboratory-confirmed influenza. (42 with AH1 influenza virus, 48 ​​with AH3 influenza virus, 171 with non-subtyped A virus, 4 with B virus and 3 coinfections with AH1 and AH3 influenza virus).

Since the beginning of the season, 1,509 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza have been reported: 291 cases with AH1 influenza virus, 218 cases with AH3 influenza virus, 18 cases with B influenza virus, 979 cases with non-subtyped influenza A virus, 3 cases with AH1 influenza virus and AH3, 54 co-infections of influenza virus with SARS-CoV-2, 19 co-infections of influenza virus with RSV, 3 co-infections of influenza virus with SARS-CoV-2 and RSV.

Until Monday, 65 confirmed deaths with influenza virus were recorded: 37 type A, subtype H1 (of which 3 co-infections with SARS-CoV-2), 13 type A, subtype H3, 15 type A, non-subtyped (of which 3 co-infections with SARS-CoV-2.