Resignation from AUR after the failure of the protests

President of AUR Timișoara, Ovidiu Szime, resigned from the party on Wednesday evening, because his “basic principles and its statute” are not respected. According to the leader of the formation, George Simion, the departure would actually be due to a bond of affinity with a known social democratic member.

George Simion: Ovidiu Szime is “the son-in-law of a notorious pesedist” Photo: Archive

Dear friends, I have decided to resign from the position of president of AUR Timișoara and to leave the AUR party, because its basic principles and statute are not respected. Democracy and freedom of expression within a party must receive”, he announced Ovidiu Szime, on his Facebook page.

President AUR Timișoara would have made the announcement even during the protest organized against the merging of the elections, in front of the PSD headquarters in several counties.

Dear colleagues, today I have decided to resign from the position of president of AUR Timișoara and at the same time as a supporter. I want to thank you all for your friendship. I will remain only with the beautiful moments spent with you and the joy of having met wonderful people. This decision shows once again that I entered politics to put my shoulder and skill into a project in which I believed. I hope I left something behind and maybe a small brick in this beautiful construction“, wrote Ovidiu Szime, on the party's Whatsapp group, according to

AUR leader George Simion told the quoted source that Ovidiu Szime is “the son-in-law of a notorious pesedist, Pavel Kasai” and that when he was made to light candles at PSD”failed the test of truth“.

Protests in several counties, with coffins and candles at PSD and PNL headquarters

Hundreds of members and sympathizers of the Alliance for the Union of Romania (AUR) party protested, on Wednesday evening, in the Capital and in several counties in the country, such as: Târgu Mures, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Târgovişte, Buzău, Dolj, Bistrița, Constanța, Maramureș and Râmnicu Vâlcea. The demonstrators carried with them various party signs, they chanted against the intention of the governing coalition to combine the local elections with the European parliamentary elections this year and they went to the PSD and PNL headquarters, where they deposited crosses and coffins that would have symbolized “the burial democracy”, and lit candles and candles, as reported by Agerpres.

The spokesperson of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Vasile Bănescu, reacted publicly to the actions of the AUR protesters, stressing that the candles are not lit: “for those who are asleep in the Lord and for the living who need His protection, never for public or political entities”.

The governing coalition that met on Thursday to debate the issue of consolidating the elections, as previously announced, did not, however, reach a final conclusion. Discussions on this topic to be resumed at the beginning of next week, as political sources have stated for Adevărul.