Teodosie's theories: “He who marries a divorced woman commits adultery”

ÎPS Teodosie, the Archbishop of Tomis, made a controversial statement again, stating that a man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery. “If she wanted a divorce, the unmarried man, if he marries her, commits adultery”, said Theodosia.

ÎPS Teodosie, Archbishop of Tomis PHOTO: Călin Gavrilaș

The statement was made by the archbishop of Tomis in his weekly broadcast on Radio Dobrogea.

ÎPS Teodosie was asked if it is a sin for an unmarried man to marry a woman who is divorced.

If she is divorced, the priest must also clarify. Did she want a divorce? If she wanted a divorce, the unmarried man, if he marries her, commits adultery, as the Savior says”declared the Archbishop of Tomis.

Theodosie's misogynistic statements

ÎPS Teodosie shocked several times with his statements regarding women.

On the Eve of the Epiphany, when he sanctified the waters raised on the cistern, ÎPS Teodosie mentioned that the great aghiasma cannot be drunk by women in the period of “impotence”.

Women who are impotent cannot take it, but others can. And those who were impotent during this period, when they finish their impotent period, I give them this blessing to take three days in a row of great aghiasma, as consolation”said the hierarch.

He reinforced his statements in a program broadcast on the same day on the radio station of the Archdiocese of Tomis, even saying that the woman in the period of “impotence” cannot take neither aghiasma nor anafura, she cannot go to the altar, no he can kiss the icons, but he can go to church because “it is not forbidden to pray”.

In 2021, the archbishop of Tomis also stated that it is not discrimination that women do not have important roles in the Church, as men do, because this is her condition.

“It's not discrimination, it's about the status of men and women. Surely no woman can be a priest and then it's discrimination? Why? Because this is her condition. It cannot be perpetual in a prayer, because it has the condition of its weaknesses”said Teodosie.