The policeman who struck fear into thugs. Four drivers tried to bribe him in the last month

A police officer from the Iaşi County Police Inspectorate reported no less than four acts of bribery in the last month.

The policeman notified the anti-corruption officers after seeing the money PHOTO archive The truth

A police officer from the Iasi County Police Inspectorate – Section 10 of the Rusty Rural Police, notified the General Anticorruption Directorate, on Wednesday, April 24, of an act of bribery.

He said that a citizen stopped in traffic initially promised him and his colleague 100 euros each, in order not to be penalized for violating Law 61/1991, as he refused to show his ID, according to ziaruldeiasi .ro.

Later, he effectively offered them the sum of 100 euros.

“The police officers categorically refused the offer of the person in question and ordered further legal measures. The actual situation was filmed with the body-worn camera provided by the reporting policeman, and the workers of the SJA Iași are carrying out the procedural activities ordered by the case prosecutor from the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Iaşi Courtaccording to the DGA.

The same police officer reported 3 other similar incidents in the last month.