Minister of Health: “Illness registries underpin health policies and the allocation of funds”

The Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, emphasized on Tuesday that disease registries are essential for the foundation of health policies and for the efficient and predictable allocation of funds.

Alexandru Rafila, Minister of Health – Photo Archive

Alexandru Rafila spoke about the disease registries during the conference “The National Cochlear Implant Registry, a national priority“, organized by DC Media Group, according to Agerpres. The Minister of Health highlighted the importance of operationalizing the National Registry of Oncological Diseases and mentioned that the funding previously allocated for these registries will be reused to support this initiative.

In general, disease registries underpin health policies and the allocation of funds in a rational way, in a predictable way, and then obviously they use, first of all, for the efficient use of resources and not for a waste or other things that can be more or less subjective. Obviously, the registers are also important for us so that we can have a coherent, predictable and financeable policy, in the end, for the main pathologies in Romania“, said Alexandru Rafila.

According to the minister's statement, there are funds allocated for disease registries, which will benefit from a common platform.

We are primarily discussing the National Register of Oncological Diseases. The specifications are being worked on so that this register becomes functional. Anyway, all these registers will have a common platform and from there each specific register will start. The introduction of some of the rare diseases in these registers will be possible until the end of the year, and this must be done with a certain prioritization of the beneficiaries“, explained the Minister of Health.

Moreover, funding resources were allocated for the creation of disease registers, but they were not used.

There was money that was previously allocated to the registers and was not used. Now we will have another funding that will lead, I hope, in the end, to the operationalization of at least some of them, and the Registry of oncological diseases is a priority. It is one of the elements related to rare diseases (National Register of Cochlear Implants). (…) We have a specialized commission that, together with the ENT Commission, can bring the necessary arguments for the cochlear implant to become one of the priorities to be included in one of the first available registers“, mentioned Alexandru Rafila.