The recruitment of mayors and local councilors continues. PSD takes new people from the liberals

PSD Olt announced on Thursday that several local politicians, including two mayors, three vice mayors and more than 10 local councilors, abandoned PNL to join the social democratic formation.

Local PNL politicians who switched to PSD in Olt Photo: Facebook PSD Olt

When people want to be part of an administrative project, which has good local governance as its principle, you have to give them the opportunity to demonstrate“, PSD Olt representatives wrote on Facebook.

Thus, according to the quoted source, the following local politicians were recruited into the social democratic formation: the mayor of the commune of Leleasca, Selescu Vasilića, of the commune of Cungrea, Vlad Cosmin, the vice-mayors of the communes of Priseaca, Cungrea and Leleasca, Drugă Cătălin, respectively, Stancana Gheorghe and Enache Constantin. Similarly, 11 local liberal councilors switched to PSD: Popistaș Alexandru, from Slatina, Andronie Sabin, Preda Costel, Vizionie Marian, Ban Claudiu, Coconete Dumitru, from Cungrea, Jandarmu Cristian, Muruga Nicolae, from Priseaca, Postolache Ion, Criveanu Gheorghe, Matei Ioan, from Pârșcoveni, and Matei Marian, former candidate of PNL Pârșcoveni,

According to the social democrats, local politicians made this political move before the elections because “they chose balance, dialogue, stability and the governing program of PSD Olt“. “They detach themselves from the scandal-based working style of the PNL Olt and the sad opportunism of some politicians, who remember Olt and the people of Slatine only around the elections”. the cited source also shows.

PSD has over 100 mayors

In fact, as Adevărul reported on January 22, PNL Olt was not in a very good situation in this regard anyway, having 11 mayors out of the 13 from the beginning of the mandate, while PSD had around 100.

The situation was also complicated for PNL Teleorman, where they remained “33 mayors”, three of which were to take the PSD path. At the beginning of the 2020-2024 mandate, PNL Teleorman had 48 mayors, and along the way it had also attracted USR-PLUS, but by the time that material was published, they had already lost a third.

Similarly, in Giurgiu PNL had lost five mayors, and according to sources cited by Adevărul, PSD was preparing to transfer around 10 mayors.