The referee of the match Bayern – Mainz explained how he saved the life of a player, right on the field

Josuha Guilavogui went through a moment of balance in the last stage of the Bundesliga. The Mainz player was accidentally kneed in the head by a team-mate in the match against Bayern Munich and fell to the ground. He was saved by referee Patrick Ittrich, who immediately intervened and made sure the French footballer could breathe.

After his gesture, the “central” has now received his praises, both from the player, the fans and the German media. “You have to act promptly when someone passes out, there's no time to waste. I have been through many situations like this. He had swallowed his tongue. You have to make sure his tongue is completely out so he can breathe”explained Ittrich after the match.

Referee Ittich, the first to jump to help the footballer. Photo EPA EFE

The referee was praised by the German press and fans for his quick intervention and the calmness he showed in this borderline situation. He also received thanks from Guilavogui for the saving intervention. “Thank you very much to the referee for his immediate intervention and help, Mr. Patrick Ittrich. I also thank my teammates and the doctors at Mainz,” said the 33-year-old French midfielder.