The Senate adopted the proposal to exclude reed beds from the category of meadows

On Monday, the Senate adopted the legislative proposal regarding the repeal of some provisions of GEO 34/2013 by which swampy lands and reed beds were included in the category of meadows.

The proposal to exclude reeds from the category of meadows passed the Senate Photo: Archive

The note of tacit adoption of the legislative proposal, for which the deadline for debate and vote expired on February 2, was read by the vice-president of the Senate Sorin Cîmpeanu, who led Monday's plenary session, according to Agerpres.

The representatives of the Union accused the parliamentarians of the power that through Law 116/2023 which complements GEO 34/2013 “have transformed, from a pen, the glimmer of water in the Danube Delta into a pasture and thus two companies close to the son of Paul Stănescu (PSD) have asked APIA for subsidies of 5 million euros”.

The Danube Delta Biosphere is a protected area and I read with great amazement the point of view of the governor of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, who said that these reed harvesting activities can only bring a balance to the Delta. For decades, the Danube Delta functioned very well, thank you, and suddenly it needs a law by which Mr. Paul Stănescu's companies can clean all the reeds there, so that there is a balance in the Delta! “, said USR deputy Diana Buzoianu, initiator of the legislative proposal.

The secretary of the Agriculture Commission in the Senate, Sebastian Cernic (USR), initiator of the legislative proposal, pointed out that “Europe gives you money for certain programs, but that doesn't mean you have to steal it or use the needs of small farmers to get this money“.

The scandal surrounding the Stănescu family

A law adopted in 2023, in the Parliament, turned the Danube Delta into a meadow, a journalistic investigation shows, behind the “bizarre changes” being a stake of tens of millions of euros. Among the beneficiaries is the son of Paul Stănescu.

The Delta paradise turned into a battleground between powerful politicians, important businessmen and state institutions. The battle takes place on the fields and who counters them. The stake reaches hundreds of millions of euros, businesses with ramifications in the offices of ministries and parliament. A law secretly amended this year in Parliament turned the Danube Delta into a meadow. The next day someone went to the cadastre and changed the Delta lands from water to pastures in the documents. And by order of the Minister of Agriculture, the reeds were transformed from pen into fodder. Behind the bizarre changes was a stake of tens of millions of euros“, the investigation shows.