The simulation of the Baccalaureate exam continues with the test of your choice of profile or specialization

The simulation of the national Baccalaureate exam continues on Wednesday with the written test of the choice of profile or specialization, according to the calendar approved by the Ministry of Education.

Baccalaureate exam simulation continues PHOTO Shutterstock

On Monday, the Romanian Language and Literature written test was scheduled, and on Tuesday, the mandatory written test of the profile.

The students from the national minorities will take the written test of Mother Language and Literature on March 7.

The results will be announced on March 15.

The simulation of the national Baccalaureate exam from the 2023-2024 school year is organized in over 1,320 educational units and will involve the participation of over 146,000 students, the Ministry of Education estimates.

The tests start at 9:00 a.m., when the subjects will be distributed in each room.

Students' access to the classrooms is allowed until 8.30 am.

The time allocated for the elaboration of a written work of three hours from the moment when the distribution of the subjects of each student is finished.

At the first test held, the students will be distributed, based on the receipt signature, the individual codes that replace the first and last name. Based on these codes, they will later find out the results obtained.

The subjects are elaborated on the basis of the contents and the competences associated with them, according to the programs.

The subjects and evaluation scales for the written tests in the simulation of this year's national exams are published daily, at 3:00 p.m.

The objectives of the simulation are to familiarize students with the rigors of a real exam, to optimize the results obtained by students from pre-university education at the end of high school studies.

The communication of the results is done anonymously, using the individual codes that replace the names and surnames of the candidates.

The results obtained during the simulation are analyzed at the level of each educational unit through individual discussions with the students, debates at the class level, meetings with the parents, as well as at the level of the teaching council, in order to adopt measures to improve school performance in view of the exams this summer .

Also, the results obtained during the simulation are not contested and are not included in the catalog. However, in exceptional situations where it is desired to record the notes in the catalog, this can be done based on a written request submitted by those interested.