Traian Băsescu, about merging the elections: “It breaks my soul to see Boc, Falcă, Blaga merged with PSD”

The former president of Romania – Traian Băsescu spoke, on Wednesday evening, on Realitatea Plus, about the merging of the European parliamentary and local elections. Băsescu mocked the proposal of a joint PNL and PSD electoral list for the European Parliament.

Traian Băsescu laments the former PDL members who will be “merged” with the PSD PHOTO archive Adevărul

Asked if it is legal to merge the elections, Traian Băsescu answered: “I wouldn't discuss the legality, I'll let the CCR specialists decide. Please believe me that, thinking about Boc, Blaga, Falcă, it breaks my soul to see them merged on joint lists with PSD. That's life and politics.

It is a shame that we are playing democracy. It has many plays that can be made, but it also has rigors. The election of the president, the election of parliamentarians, mayors, means elements of rigor, which should not be mixed. What does the electorate who goes to local and European parliaments understand…“, says Băsescu.

The former president also said that he does not think that these elections have anything moral in them, they only have interests. “It is not a free vote, it is a calculated vote. Romanians will be led into a political system so that nothing changes. But it will change“, Traian Băsescu also declared.

To have common candidates between PNL, which includes Boc, Blaga, Falcă and many others, with PSD seems unrealistic to me. It seems to me that it is not possible to have common lists“, said Traian Băsescu.

The leaders of the Coalition, Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă, had several rounds of discussions on Wednesday, including consulting with President Klaus Iohannis before the official decision regarding merging the European parliamentary elections with the local ones.

Nicolae Ciucă, the president of the PNL, said on Wednesday that in the meeting of the governing coalition, the decision was made that the formation he leads will have joint lists with the PSD in the European parliamentary elections. The Liberal noted that today's debates aim to “stability of the country and government“.