USR nominates its candidate for the presidential elections and the members of the National Bureau

After, on Thursday, the Electoral Commission of USR validated three candidates for the designation of the one who will represent the party in this year’s presidential elections, on Saturday the extraordinary congress takes place in which the members of the National Bureau and the candidate of the party in the presidential elections will be elected.

Elena Lasconi was elected USR president, after the resignation of Cătălin Drula. Archive photo

Starting at 10 o’clock, the 600 delegates are expected to vote for one of the three members who want to run for the position of president of Romania: Elena Lasconi, Dumitru Stanca or Octavian Berceanu, according to Agerpres.

Elena Lasconi is 52 years old, she is an economist by profession, with a 25-year career in television. Since 2020, she is the USR mayor of the Câmpulung Muscel municipality, a position in which she was re-elected in 2024.

Dumitru Stanca is 59 years old and is a military reserve, currently a compliance officer at a private company in Bucharest. It deals with ensuring the compliance of internal regulations and procedures with the legislation in the field of preventing and combating money laundering.

Octavian-Alexandru Berceanu is 48 years old and is an engineer by profession. Currently, he is a consultant for the European Investment Bank in the PNERP Moldova project and coordinates the activity of the working group for reform in the forestry sector. He was General Commissioner of the National Environmental Guard during the PNL-USR government.

The spokesperson of USR, Ionuţ Moşteanu, announced that approximately 200 people registered for one of the 24 seats in the National Office, on various lists or independents.

Cătălin Drula announced his resignation from the head of USR immediately after the local and European parliamentary elections on June 9. After his resignation, ten USR members submitted their candidacy for the presidency of the party, among them Elena Lasconi and Cristian Seidler.

Elena Lasconi was elected USR president, in the first round, by direct vote of each party member, on an online platform, as stipulated by the statute. The new president of USR, Elena Lasconi, announced, at the first press conference she held, that she will submit her candidacy for this year’s presidential elections.