Vlogger Selly's new film, Buzz House, sold out at the preview. How much did the production of the first horror comedy in Romania cost?

On the first day of its preview, Buzz House The Movie filled the theaters. The screenings were sold-out, at all cinemas in the country. Thus April 23 becomes Buzz Day, according to industry representatives. The film is the first horror comedy in Romania, based on a script based on the online show of the same name.

“After the four successful seasons of online reality, we felt the need to bring Buzz House to the big screens as well. Although it seemed impossible, we managed to make a product that delivers. We assumed that some people would like it and others would criticize us. We still had confidence that we would create a hype and people would be excited. It was teamwork, and the fact that the actors are well-known influencers was part of the successful sales recipe. We hope to keep sales high and the film to stay in cinemas for as long as possible”confesses Andrei Șelaru (Selly), Buzz House producer and actor.

After the show, “the film came naturally”

“Even if you're not the target audience for the Tiktokers in the film, give it a shot because the humor, I think, is universal and you might laugh out loud. Since I had already done the BuzzHouse show, the film came naturally. It was more difficult to convince influencers to participate in the show than in the film”, said Selly, present at the gala premiere of the film.

It's not the only record that Buzz House The Movie breaks! From the idea to the projection on the big screen, it took only three months. The script was written and completed in three weeks, two weeks were allocated for pre-production, and the actual shooting of the film took place in 21 days. And post-production moved quickly. The film was edited and brought to its final form in just one month after the completion of on-set shooting.

,,This sales record confirms what we thought when we first opened the Internet: that people want to see their favorite content creators being run through the woods with an axe. I was always told that there is no market in Romania for such a thing. Look, it exists and appreciates it. Thank you!”says Radu Alexandru, the film's screenwriter.

Buzz House The Movie It is the third film with actor and producer Andrei Șelaru (Selly) and the 10th Vidra Productions brand project.

“May “Buzz Day” be everyday, after seeing over 28 multiplexes and hundreds of screens transformed into real “Buzz Houses” for Romanian horror fans. With an extraordinary day behind it, it's clear that Buzz House remains an unmissable attraction in the world of cinema. Popcorn machines remain in action and viewers are invited to reserve their favorite seats for a memorable viewing experience to continue”declares Ioana Ionescu, Head of Marketing Cinema City Romania.

The success of the film continues the successful streak of the production house which has managed to have seven of the 10 films in the top of sales in the last 30 years.

,,Buzz House: The Movie managed to do something unexpected, which is to make teenagers eager to stand in line and not for pictures or autographs, but for movie tickets. And not just any movie, one full of famous vloggers in an online show they'd normally watch alone at home, so it's all the more impressive that such a large group of friends have come to experience the Buzz House phenomenon on the big screens at Cineplexx“, said Cristina Miu, Cineplexx Marketing Manager.

The project cost one million euros

The project cost one million euros and is a new success for Selly Media and Vidra Productions.

The film production had its gala premiere on April 22, and yesterday-April 23 the preview. The official entrance to the cinema will take place on April 26.

Starting from Wednesday, however, the caravan that includes five cities will start. Craiova is the first place where your favorite actors arrive, whom you can meet, this very evening, at Inspire Cinema VIP Electroputere.

On April 25, the Buzz House gang arrives in Pitesti, at Cinemacity Vivo Mall, but also at Cinema Trivale, and on April 26, Selly, together with David Ioan, Vlad Neamțu, Costi Max, Cezara and Iorga arrive in Constanța, at Cinemacity Vivo Mall.