Who is George Tuță, the liberal with whom Clotilde Armand is contesting his mayoralty

The difference between the two candidates is very small. So far George Tuță has collected 36.49% of the votes, i.e. 33,576, while Clotilde Armand has collected 35.76% of the votes, i.e. 32,904. This is just over 670 votes, according to the partial results of the 2024 local elections.

George Tuță, PNL candidate for District 1 City Hall PHOTO: Facebook

The battle for the position of mayor of Sector 1 has yet to be decided, the difference between the two candidates, the liberal George Tuță, supported by the PSD, and the current mayor, the userist Clotilde Armand, being very small. The latest data show that George Tuță gathered 36.49% of the votes, i.e. 33,576, while Clotilde Armand gathered 35.76% of the votes, i.e. 32,904.

Who is George Tuță

Deputy George Tuţă is the president of PNL Sector 1, a position he has held since December last year.

According to PNL Sector 1, Tuță is a deputy with studies and specializations in economic sciences, diplomacy and communication. “He worked as an economist as well as an advisor in the Romanian and European executive before becoming a member of the Parliament. A graduate of the Leadership in Public Service program at the Aspen Institute, he focuses on the continuous development and efficiency of the public service. (…)George Tuță initiated in 2022 a special commission in the Chamber of Deputies for automation and the future of work, focusing on the impact of artificial intelligence. As a deputy, he had numerous legislative initiatives, with 30 laws promulgated“.

Quaestor in the Permanent Office of the Chamber of Deputies, Tuță was in the past chief of staff of SRI director Eduard Hellvig. He is now a first-term deputy and holds the position of president of the Special Committee of the Chamber of Deputies for automation and the future of work.

The fortune of George Tuţă

According to the declaration of wealth, consulted by Adevărul, George Tuţă together with his wife owns a house of 170 square meters and an apartment of 40 square meters, both in Otopeni.

Also, together they own two inner-city plots, of 820 square meters in total.

The deputy has a BMW car, from 2014, jewelry and precious metals worth 26,500 lei, acquired in the period 2014-2022. He also has a mortgage loan of 25,000 euros, as well as eight bank accounts and deposits, investment funds and other forms of saving and investing in which savings of over 400,000 lei and around 22,000 euros are found.

Politics is not just about decisions made in closed offices, but about dialogue, transparency and active participation. And for a budget to respond to the real needs of citizens, they must be consulted and involved in establishing development directions. We started the campaign “Together, let's decide the budget of Sector 1″ and we talked with the people in the sector about what they want from the budget for 2024. We, PNL Sector 1, believe in the budget made WITH the citizens and FOR the citizens of our community and we invite you to contribute ideas and suggestions to decide together what our sector should look like. Whether it's infrastructure, education, health or green spaces, every proposal counts,” to say at the announcement of George Tuță's candidacy.