Young Romanians dream of getting rich from “gaming”. How dangerous is the phenomenon called “digital cocaine”

In recent years, more and more Romanians have become online content creators. Thus, they film themselves, live, and are always present on social networks.

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Most of the time, netizens do this to get significant amounts of money from followers' donations. Thus, they even ended up sleeping on live and doing all kinds of challenges requested by the follower in exchange for virtual gifts, which can be monetized.

Young people dream of making money from computer games

Even if those who make “lives” on the Internet are of all ages, there are also many children among them. Most of the time, they film themselves playing all kinds of computer games and waiting to receive donations from followers. Thus, many teenagers end up developing an addiction that can be very harmful, say psychiatrists.

When we talk about computer game addiction we are talking about a digital cocaine. This can become an addiction, because young people spend many hours in front of the computer, forgetting about real life. Things are very bad in Asia, for example, where there are young people who put on pampers to stay in front of the computer. These things are very dangerous because there have been cases where young people have died from exhaustion. Parents must be aware of this aspect and connect their children to reality. Computer games are made to keep them online as much as possible. There are multiple ways to communicate with other players, and young people become addicted to this world“, stated Dr. Ovidiu Alexinschi, primary psychiatrist.

Young people, fooled by the production companies

Specialists claim that many young people live under the impression that they can earn a lot of money from video games. However, only the best get to live and get rich from this activity. Thus, doctors talk about a profit-centered industry that creates the mirage of easy money.

“Many of these games also come with rewards, various titles, digital cups or bonuses. These seem like real rewards but they are far from it. These factors lead to addiction. There are many gamers who become famous and have followers, gaming companies have every interest in promoting them, bringing them to the fore. It's a profit-driven industry, it's about monetizing player behavior. There is the mirage of earning money playing video games but things are far from that. It's trying to show that even beginners can earn money from video games, they're looking for novice players to be stimulated to keep playing.” concluded the Iesian doctor.