City Hall will only grant taxi licenses for Electric Cars

As a part of the environmental initiative that Cluj-Napoca’s city hall has undertaken, the city has informed that they will only be granting new taxi licenses for electric cars.

Taxi Services in Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca has a number of different transport options available. You can hail a taxi which has a green light on the top or call using some of the numbers in this article, or alternatively, you can request a car through a mobile application.

Why did you choose Cluj-Napoca?

Most people would agree that Cluj-Napoca, is a great city! However, it would be really good to also know what brings you here in the first place!

Cluj-Napoca Rental Survey Results

These results represent an apparent shift in expectations from foreigners looking to rent property in Cluj-Napoca. This year’s survey obtained many more responses overall, with a total of 5,244 responses across all surveys, compared to only 1,014.

Public Should be Wary of Possible Modelling Scam

Cluj-Napoca.XYZ has been made aware of a possible modelling scam, involving an…

Cluj-Napoca listed on CNN Travel’s list of 20 European Beautiful Cities without many tourists.

American news service, CNN, has listed Cluj-Napoca on an article published this month, of 20 European cities, with hardly any tourists.

3,500 new ClujBike cards are now available.

Deputy Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Dan Ștefan Tarcea, announced that the city has…

Robbie Williams performs at Untold Festival.

British music superstar Robbie Williams, performed some of his smash hit songs at this year’s Untold Festival. This was his first performance in 4 years in Romania, and he was greeted by a fully packed Cluj Arena.

Bucharest and Cluj have highest paid average net salaries in Romania

According to a labour market survey, conducted by Syndex, Bucharest has the highest monthy net avarege of 3,684 lei (approx €780) followed by Cluj with the average net of 3,115 lei (approx €660) in 2018.

Armin van Buuren kicks off his show with Romanian National Anthem

Armin van Buuren is one of the most anticipated performers of the Untold Festival experience, and this year, he demonstrated his relationship with Romania and how electronic music and classical can become one, through a special adaptation of the Romanian National Anthem.