Military Hospitals to offer 1-week “appointment-free” vaccination effort.

Defence minister Nicolae Ciuca, announced on Digi24, that starting from May 4th, they will try out a one-week pilot project to offer vaccinations without appointment, in order to speed up the vaccination campaign.

COVID-19 Vaccine Drive-Thru opening from week starting Apr 26

The first drive-through vaccination center in Cluj County will be opened starting the week of April 26th 2021, at the “Horia Damian” Sports Hall (Sala Sporturilor) in Cluj-Napoca, and those who want receive the vaccine will not need an appointment.

Noise & Anti-Social Behaviour

In Romania, there are a number of laws and rules in place surrounding noise and anti-social behaviour. This article runs over what you need to know!

HiSky & Amara connect Cluj to Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Dublin and Lisbon

HiSky, will begin operating flights from the Avram Iancu International Airport Cluj (CLJ), with both regular flights to Dublin and Lisbon, as well as charter flights to Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey.

President, Klaus Iohannis issues statement following March 29 protests.

President, Klaus Iohannis condemned actions of those who participated in protests against the restrictions and “attempted to politically seize the protests and turn them in vectors to spread hatred, xenophobia and antisemitism”.

Mayor wants to organise experimental festival with 5k people

Cluj-Napoca mayor, Emil Boc, has informed that he would be willing to carry out an experimental concert with 5,000 people, to see how coronavirus spreads in such situations.

CNSU: New restrictions from March 26th

Following the meeting today, CNSU has informed that the movement of persons outside of localities with a rate of over 3/1000 could be prohibited. At this time, the authorities are discussing a number of proposals which could be adopted and submitted to the Government for approval.

Romania ranks #2 for highest taxes in Europe

A study, conducted by Income Tax UK, has indicated that Romania ranks as the second highest taxing country across Europe. Bulgaria was revealed to be the best European country to live in, if you wish to pay the lowest amount of tax, with a flat tax rate of 10%.

No Quarantine, but tougher measures as COVID cases in Cluj-Napoca reach over 6/1000.

Cases have now reached 6.57 per 1000 inhabitants in Cluj-Napoca, as revealed by DSP Cluj on March 23rd, 2021. However, the mayor informs that there will not be any lockdowns, saying it would be “fatal” for the city. DSU is planning to discuss changes to measures on March 25th.

Mayor Announces “Free” public transport on Fridays

Cluj-Napoca mayor, Emil Boc, has informed that he has been discussing with CTP (Public Transport Company), to allow residents of Cluj to enjoy free public transport every Friday, starting from April.