Yardi Romania closes lease for 3,500 sqm of new office space in Record Park

Yardi Romania and Speedwell announce the signing of a new lease agreement, for a 3,500 sqm office space in Record Park, a mixed-use project developed by Speedwell in Cluj-Napoca.

Junkyard Recycled Pub

Junkyard Recycled offers several beers on tap and also a selection of bottled beers, cocktails, coffee and some awesome custom made industrial HOOKAHS that you will find nowhere else. Pay us a visit if you enjoy a casual atmosphere, foosball, darts, beer and, of course, shisha.

“We create places for people, not for profit” – Mayor Emil Boc speaks out regarding real estate development.

Cluj-Napoca Mayor, Emil Boc, has expressed his dissatisfaction regarding the “Real Estate Kings of Cluj-Napoca” and the fact that multiple places in the city has been extensively developed into property in order to fuel profit, instead of helping to improve the quality of life for the residents.

Amicii Dog Rescue

An incredible 3000 plus Romanian street dogs have been rehomed in the UK since the charity was founded, and the number continues to rise. Amicii have also rehomed numerous dogs in Germany, Belgium, Holland and also, Romania itself. Learn how you can help by reading this article.

PSD Government lose no-confidence vote, new government to be appointed.

Today, October 10th, 2019, Romania’s parliament succeeded in a no-confidence motion against the PSD (Social Democrat) government, which was led by Virica Dancila. This was the first time since May 2012 that a government has been overthrown via a no-confidence motion, and the second time in the last 30 years.

Cluj-Napoca surpasses Bucharest in terms of Average Salary

When the last survey was completed, Bucharest was just above Cluj-Napoca, with an average salary of 3,684 lei (~€776) compared to 3,115 lei (~€656). The national average is 3,075 lei (~€647). Salaries in Cluj are now at 7% over the national average compared to just 3% in Bucharest.

City Hall will only grant taxi licenses for Electric Cars

As a part of the environmental initiative that Cluj-Napoca’s city hall has undertaken, the city has informed that they will only be granting new taxi licenses for electric cars.

Taxi Services in Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca has a number of different transport options available. You can hail a taxi which has a green light on the top or call using some of the numbers in this article, or alternatively, you can request a car through a mobile application.

Why did you choose Cluj-Napoca?

Most people would agree that Cluj-Napoca, is a great city! However, it would be really good to also know what brings you here in the first place!

Cluj-Napoca Rental Survey Results

These results represent an apparent shift in expectations from foreigners looking to rent property in Cluj-Napoca. This year’s survey obtained many more responses overall, with a total of 5,244 responses across all surveys, compared to only 1,014.