SGR premiere at East European Comic Con: the first automated collection at a major event

RetuRO, together with the organizer of the event, TOMRA and Jerry's Pizza, organized the first automatic collection of SGR packaging in a large-scale event, at East European Comic Con, held from April 19 to 21 at Romexpo. This was the first event in Romania where participants were able to return SGR packaging to automatic collection points, and the results reflect Romanians' concern for recycling and a cleaner environment.

The return rate of packaging during the event was almost 60%. The participants had at their disposal 3 RVMs for the automatic collection of SGR packaging.

“East European Comic Con is an example of good practice of sustainability in large-scale events, illustrating how packaging collection infrastructure can be harmoniously and naturally integrated into such occasions, while promoting responsible behavior at the level individually and collectively. At the same time, it is an example of a successful partnership, which brought together for a common objective, that of caring for the environment, consumers, RetuRO, as the administrator of the SGR, the event organizers, traders and manufacturers of RVMs”said Ioana Ciobotariu, Consumer Marketing Manager, RetuRO SGR.

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Of the 10,725 packages with the “Package with guarantee” symbol sold, 6,214 were collected, representing a return rate of almost 60%. Moreover, the data resulting from the event show both the knowledge and the appropriation of the steps of the Recycling Hour by consumers – approximately 75% of the total packaging collected was used to recover guarantees at the point of sale within the event, respectively 4,680 guarantees.

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The partnership with the event organizer, TOMRA and Jerry's Pizza was essential in realizing this initiative and in promoting sustainable practices among the community.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with RetuRO on this event and to support the transition to a circular economy. TOMRA supports all parties involved in the implementation of SGR with innovative solutions to facilitate this change and contribute to a cleaner environment. During this event once again confirmed the importance of a pleasant experience for consumers when returning packaging. We all have a role to play in the responsible management of resources and we congratulate all the partners of this event dedicated to facilitating such practices among young people”added Dorin Mihai, general director of TOMRA Collection Romania.

“We were happy to be with RetuRO at this edition of East European Comic Con and to be part of a large-scale project, which has the potential to change the entire landscape of recycling and environmental protection in Romania. The results of the Recycling Hora in these 3 days lay the foundations for new sustainable habits in the events industry and represent a starting point on this road to a cleaner country”added Ovidiu Vasilescu, Events & Special Project Manager, Jerry's Pizza.

“We really wanted to offer our event attendees the opportunity to return the packaging. We have a young audience, eager to get involved in activities like this, and the results of the action showed their openness to enter the Recycling Hour and an event environment. The feedback received from them was positive, they were happy to discover the collection machines in the event and to have the opportunity to give a new life to the used packaging. I hope this becomes a general practice in all events in Romania”concluded Mircea Mureșan, organizer of East European Comic Con.

RetuRO Sistem Garantie Returnare SA ( is a company that operates on the principle of not for profit – which means that any profit made by the company from the collection of beverage packaging will be reinvested, exclusively, in the development of SGR. The company was created by a consortium of three private shareholders: the Association of Romanian Brewers for the Environment (30%), the Association of Soft Drink Producers for Sustainability (30%) and the Association of Retailers for the Environment (20%) and a public shareholder, the Romanian state, through the central environmental authority, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests (20%).

RetuROthe administrator of SGR, operates with exclusively private funding and has the role of ensuring transparency on the quantities of beverage packaging placed on the market and returned by consumers, contributing to the sustainable development of Romania, through the responsible management of packaging waste, in order to reach the targets of recycling imposed on Romania by the European Union.


Founded in 1972, TOMRA offers automated beverage packaging collection solutions for Clean Loop Recycling, collecting metal, plastic and glass packaging to be reused and recycled into new packaging. With approximately 85,000 systems installed in over 60 markets, TOMRA solutions collect over 46 billion post-consumer beverage packaging annually worldwide. TOMRA's integrated systems of equipment, digital solutions and services facilitate the contribution of industry, system operators, retailers and consumers to a more sustainable planet.