Ciolacu forgives doctor Cîrstoiu “for everything he suffered”, but believes that Firea will be the general mayor of the capital

Marcel Ciolacu declared on Tuesday that the attacks directed against the doctor Cătălin Cîrstoiu were, in fact, attacks against the Electoral Alliance PSD-PNL and apologized to him “for all that he suffered”according to Agerpres.

Ciolacu, Cârstoiu and Firea. PHOTO archive Inquam

Also on Tuesday, the Prime Minister stated that he was “downright ridiculous” that PSD and PNL, the two big parties in Romania, should not be players, but referees and decide who wins the Capital City Hall between Nicusor Dan and Cristian Popescu – Piedone.

“This is inadmissible, both for PSD and for PNL, and I think that last night we made the right decision that the two presidents of organizations, respectively Mrs. Firea and Mr. Burduja, should be candidates for PSD and PNL. With all the regrets I have, since we are in a coalition and in an electoral alliance, I am firmly convinced that on June 9 Mrs. Firea will be the general mayor of the Capital again”stated Ciolacu, at the launch event of Rareş Hopincă's candidacy for the position of mayor of Sector 2 from the PSD – PNL alliance.

Ciolacu mentioned that, if Gabriela Firea and her campaign team allow him, he will get directly involved in collecting signatures in Bucharest, according to Agerpres.

“I apologize to him for everything he suffered, because the attacks were not against him”

Ciolacu was asked if anyone is to blame for the way the situation was managed with regard to the doctor Cătălin Cîrstoiu.

“Mr. Cîrstoiu is not the first nor the last case in politics that happens like this. I am very sorry and I wish from the bottom of my heart that Mr. Doctor Cîrstoiu remains a friend, although we have known each other for a very short time and I apologize to him for all that he suffered, because the attacks were not against to him – first of all, the attacks were, from my point of view, after my own analysis, against this electoral alliance“, claimed the PSD president.

“How it was possible for a UMF dean to become Bin Laden in two weeks without killing anyone”

Marcel Ciolacu added that he understands that at this moment public opinion is built on perception.

“I would like to talk to you today, if you allow me, about a truth. The truth is as follows, Cătălin Cîrstoiu is an exceptional doctor in a very difficult field, he is an exceptional surgeon, a man who built all his activity through work and studies which he finished with a grade 10 in a field in which you are not allowed on a single day not to do a professional update. He is an exceptional manager. How it was possible for a dean of the Medical University to become Bin Laden in two weeks without killing anyone, without harming anyone, on the contrary, saving lives, is something else entirely“, said Marcel Ciolacu.