CNAS receives 100 million euros for digitizing the system

The funding for the digitization of the National Health Insurance House and the optimization of the IT Platform for Health Insurance (PIAS) has been increased from 70 million euros to 100 million euros without VAT, the Ministry of Health informs.

Funding for the transformation of the CNAS digital system – Photo Facebook

By the end of next year, the health insurance system should be digitally transformed.

More than 25,000 medical service providers (hospitals, specialist clinics, laboratories, family doctors, pharmacies, medical device providers, home care providers) will be connected to the new PIAS platform. It is very important to emphasize that the current system will not be affected. Changes to PIAS will ensure a friendly and accessible environment for users, including those with disabilities, and will improve the interconnection and interoperability of the system“, states the press release sent by the Ministry of Health, reports Agerpres.

The digital transformation of the Romanian health system is an irreversible process. Today we signed the second financing of 100 million euros for the digitization of the CNAS and the IT Platform for Health Insurance (PIAS). Another 100 million euros were directed two weeks ago for the digitization of the Ministry of Health and subordinate institutions.“, added the Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila.

At the same time, the financing program includes objectives such as digitization of documents related to the medical act, optimization of data flows, electronic monitoring of general objectives, specific objectives, activities and performance indicators assumed at the level of CNAS/CAS/provider of medical services, interoperability of IT systems at the level of inter-institutional public administration, the use of cross-organizational data and existing resources at the national level (in line with the other investments planned at this level).

More than 400 million euros are invested in the digitalization of the health system in Romania, through PNRR and European funds. The financing approved today raises the direct investments in the digitalization of health through Component 7 of the PNRR to 200 million euros, after at the end of January the Ministry of Health approved the financing for the digitalization of institutions in the field of health under the Ministry of Health, as well as the digitalization of the device itself ministerial“, the statement also states.

The information system of the Health Insurance House gives headaches to family doctors. They have repeatedly drawn attention to the problems they encounter.

Last week, the College of Doctors from the Municipality of Bucharest appealed to the CNAS to quickly solve the dysfunctions in the SIUI system, because it disrupts the activity in all medical sectors. In fact, a whole category of insured had disappeared from the computer system a few days ago.

Alexandru Rafila declared last week that he will support the health insurance companies so that the new health insurance platform is completed in the shortest possible time, because the current one “is undersized“. Moreover, the Minister of Health admitted that the activity of family doctors is disrupted by the current CNAS system.