Cristina Cioran's ex-boyfriend: “I'm having another child! I am no longer interested in her or the child”

The relationship between Cristina Cioran (46 years old) and Alex Dobrescu (39 years old) went from love to hate. The two have a child together, but they came to blows, according to Click!.

Cristina Cioran, Alex Dobrescu and their little girl. PHOTO Instagram

They loved each other for two years and believed in a future together when they chose to become parents, but their relationship eroded.

Cristina Cioran and Alex Dobrescu ended up fighting in front of the magistrates after the former television presenter asked for a restraining order against the businessman, and the man chose to wear a bracelet on his leg for ten months.

Alex Dobrescu is no longer allowed to contact Cristina Cioran or get in her way, as she says her ex-partner would have done a few days ago, when he would have passed by her house on his scooter, which the man from business vehemently denies.

Cristina Cioran testified for Click! that she will not forgive the man with whom she chose to have a child, whom she says, lately, is “in a continuous psychosis”.

Contacted by Click!, Alex Dobrescu reacted.

“I am glad with all my heart that he does not forgive me. He had nothing to forgive either. I no longer wish to reconcile with her or marry her, as I wanted to do some time ago. Why? Because he wanted to put me in jail. I'm having another child. I am no longer interested in her or the child (their little girl together – no). I'm not allowed to see her anyway. (…) Now I have a new girlfriend. I am working on a new family. We'll see what the future holds for us, whether I'll become a father again or not, anyway I have two children”said Alex Dobrescu, for Click!

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