Dacian Cioloş criticizes Elena Lasconi: “Almost dictatorial attitude”. Step back in political life

The president of the REPER party, Dacian Cioloș, announced that he is withdrawing from politics after his party missed the electoral threshold and did not enter the European Parliament. The former head of USR categorized as “almost dictatorial” the attitude of Elena Lasconi, who said that she could collaborate with REPER only if Dacian Cioloș takes a step back.

Dacian Cioloș: REPER was established because this is what the other former USR colleagues wanted Photo: Archive

I remain in REPER for now, as long as the party and colleagues accept this idea. But, as I already announced after the European Parliament elections, I no longer intend to play an active role, to run, and I intend to find other means of expression. How I will do in this environment of civil society, in the entrepreneurial environment, I have yet to see”,

said Dacian Cioloș for aktual24.ro.

The president of the REPER party added that he cannot “to provide more details about his plans, “until he has more clarity.”

“I have some ideas, really, about what and how I could do it. Anyway, I’m going to take, at least for a period, about two or three months, a reflection break. And to see with family, with friends, this environment that I have neglected a lot lately. I have a circle of friends, collaborators, former collaborators with whom I have also worked in these fields recently, even if it was less visible”, Cioloș explained, adding that he did not earn his living from politics.

REPER failure at the European Parliament

Regarding the failure of REPER in the European Parliament elections, the president of the formation blames “HANDICAP” with which he left from the beginning namely that “the party was less known“.

The REPER party was established because that’s what the other colleagues who left USR wanted, because they wanted an instrument of political expression. And I joined as a founding member more to support them and not deny them, let’s say, rather than out of a desire to support a new political project. (…) I said: “Well, if we manage to cross the threshold, from now on the party leadership will more visibly assume a vision and a political project”. If we don’t cross the threshold, I said that I will take it upon myself and that I will step aside from the position of a visible politician, because otherwise I in the party did not even have leadership responsibilities before, so to say that I will resign. I had nowhere to resign except from the position of member“, said Cioloș.

The President of REPER stated that he decided not to withdraw as a member because: “I think I’d be doing REPER more harm than good, because I’d raise all sorts of other suspicions again“.

Cioloș categorizes Lasconi’s attitude as “almost dictatorial”

The former head of the USR, a position from which he resigned in 2022, criticized Elena Lasconi’s attitude, stating that remaining at the head of the USR and the presidential candidacy would be conditional on total control over the party’s National Office.

Forget that, when I said that certain things are not OK in USR and that there is no point in continuing as president of USR if I do not have decision-making power when the political objectives are not shared by the majority of the National Bureau, here we are now still there! A candidate for the presidency of the USR (Elena Lasconi – n. ed.) is now saying, almost dictatorially, that if she does not have a majority in the National Bureau, she will not accept to be president of the party! What I said then (in 2022 – n. ed.) was seen as a weakness! Now, after all the experience of the last 2 years, it seems normal! Even though I think that this kind of extreme behavior is not a good one either”, stated Dacian Cioloș.

The former head of the USR claims that he did not “wanted then to have all the power”, and that the future of this party is one in which “several camps to work together”. Cioloș also mentions that the system that pushed and kept in power those who failed in the USR, “it’s still there”.

I did not want to have control over the National Office. It was very good that there was a majority of the National Bureau from another camp. But I wanted to have a modus vivendi, of cooperation between these camps. I believe that this is the future of a party like the USR, in which several camps work together. Not to be one excluded, so that another camp can take over, as seems to be trying to happen now! I mean, these others leave, those others come, and we sweep and completely throw the others out! I think it’s an illusion, because the system that pushed and kept in power those who have now failed and submitted their resignation is still there!

As long as that system is not modified, I don’t know what to say… Finally, I hope I’m not right, but the problems still remain! The effects are gone, but the causes are still there! And there I think a clear assumption of mentality and approach is needed“, Dacian Cioloș also said.

The representatives of the REPER Party requested a recount of the votes for the European Parliament elections, after they took 3.74% of the votes in the elections, below the threshold of 5% required to enter the European Parliament, claiming that they had received numerous notifications regarding possible errors or fraud.

And recently he convened the National Council of the party to establish the political directions for the next period, wanting to start discussions, both with the new USR leadership, as well as with the independent candidates and the other pro-European parties in order to be able to form an electoral alliance and to identify the most good formula in the upcoming elections.

But Elena Lasconi stated in an interview with RFI that she is in discussions with the REPER party, but without Cioloș.

There are many good people in REPER as well, but we have no way to clap hands with Mr. Cioloș, that is, if Mr. Cioloș takes a step back, it is very possible that we can collaborate with former colleagues who are now in REPER“, said Lasconi.

Asked what it means for Dacian Cioloș to take a step back, Elena Lasconi answered: “I am already in discussions with them. They will find the option, I won’t give it to them, because I don’t have to, I’m in USR, not in REPER“.