Varujan Vosganian was elected president of the Romanian Writers’ Union

On Wednesday, Varujan Vosganian was elected president of the Romanian Writers’ Union, this post being vacant after the death of the great literary critic Nicolae Manolescu.

The poet Varujan Vosganian is the new president of the Union of Writers. Archive photo

The poet Varujan Vosganian, a member of the Bucharest Poezie Branch, but also the first vice-president of the Union since 2009, obtained 660 votes out of the 740 votes cast in the General Assembly of the Writers’ Union. The other two candidates were Simona Vasilache and Doru Ciucescu.

“The thoughts with which I begin my mandate were foreshadowed in the program that I presented at the beginning of my candidacy, which had as its central point the resettlement of the role of the writer in Romanian society. The writers are among those who practically built modern Romania in the 19th century, who created national schools in the interwar period and who resisted the concentration camp during the communist period. And in the 90s, many writers got involved in the political and civic space, without succeeding in transforming the transition into an essentially cultural process. I think that the Romanian writer must return to the fortress, especially in troubled times like these”, said Varujan Vosganian for Agerpres.

He emphasized that it is necessary to adopt a cultural strategy of Romania.

“We have an energy strategy, we have a defense strategy, an IT strategy, a transport strategy, but we don’t have a cultural strategy, which I consider a priority in Romania today, where the controversies related to national identity and our place in Europe are so to light up”, said the new president of the Writers’ Union.

Another point in the program of the new president of the Writers’ Union refers to the necessity of young people’s access to the organization.

“I have proposed several ways, including procedural ones, to widen the access of young people, who must understand that the Union of Writers is not a Stalinist organization. It was created in 1908 and raised to the rank of public utility in 1912. And most of the great writers were part of it, and the most famous was probably Liviu Rebreanu in the interwar period”. Vosganian pointed out.

In the context where the Romanian Writers’ Union is one of the most numerous in Europe, involvement in the international cultural network is extremely important.

“The Writers’ Union is one of the most numerous and traditional profile organizations on the European continent and it must play an important role in the cultural network and very important in the way European literature interacts with the European Union, in the sense of drafting legislation that to protect intellectual property rights“, said the new president.

Varujan Vosganian also announced that the Union has established a branch for the honorary members of the Writers’ Union, which they will be part of “translators from other languages, editors or those who write about Romanian literature, promoters of Romanian literature abroad”, which the Union wants “to keep them close and respect them for what they do for Romanian culture”.

We remind you that the former president of the Romanian Writers’ Union, the acclaimed literary critic Nicolae Manolescu, died on March 23, at the age of 84. His first mandate as president of the writers began in 2005, and from then until his death, the members of the Union re-elected him as their leader every time.