Dani Alves, testifies in tears before the judges at the trial in which he is accused of sexual assault: “He never said to stop!”

Dani Alves testified at the Court of Appeal in Barcelona. The former international was accused of sexual assault more than a year ago, Dani Alves was jailed on January 20, 2023, and has been in prison ever since, GSP writes.

Dani Alves PHOTO: EPA

Alves is accused of sexually assaulting a young woman in a nightclub in Barcelona, ​​and his trial began on Monday after he changed his plea. After hearing witnesses and the alleged victim, on Wednesday it was Alves' turn to present his version.

The former Brazilian international is on trial for rape and faces a 9-year prison sentence. Alves opened up to the judges in detail about the evening the events allegedly took place.

He said that he would have gone out with some friends with whom he had lunch and where they consumed alcohol. Alves said that several women were there, including the alleged victim, who admitted that she did not feel embarrassed by the situation.

Dani Alves said he assumed the victim knew who he was because he asked her to take pictures together. The two would have danced and the victim would have touched him. Alves claims that the sexual relations between him and the alleged victim took place in the bathroom of the restaurant, with her consent.

He was asked if he or the victim tried to leave the bathroom and he stated no. Asked if the alleged victim gave his consent, Dani Alves replied: “Not at all. He never told me he wouldn't. I'm not a violent man, I didn't hit her and I didn't knock her on the floor”.

Alves also explained that he changed his initial statement because it did not say about oral sex, which he felt would be unforgivable to his wife.