Diana Șoșoacă, picked up by a brailean, for the visits to the Russian Embassy: “Bravo me because I have tupeu!”

Senator Diana Șoșoacă was accosted by a Brailean, in a square full of people, reproaching her for her visits to the Russian Embassy and accusing her of wanting to bring communism to the city. The leader of SOS Romania replied to the man that she was going there because she “has a problem”.

Diana Șoșoacă involved in a scandal in Brăila Photo: Video capture/ Facebook Emil Sighenasi

According to a video posted on Facebook on Saturday, Senator Diana Șoșoacă, who was in a market in Brăila, was involved in a conflict with a Romanian dissatisfied with his visits to the Russian Embassy.

Surrounded by several people, with flowers in hand, the senator argued for almost two minutes with the man who, after reproaching her several times, tried to chase her away. The leader of SOS Romania called Brailean a “pesedist” and asked him if he had been vaccinated.

We reproduce the dialogue in question below:

“Citizen: Mrs. Sosoacă, what's the matter with the Russians?

Diana Sosoaca: The Russians won the war.

Citizen: Which war?

Diana Sosoaca: This war (from Ukraine no.

Citizen: I didn't fight in the Revolution, when I was 15, so that you could come with the communists here in Brăila.

Diana Sosoaca: You are more communist. (…) And what if, and what did it do for you? I'm not coming with the Russians, I'm coming with my Romanians!

Citizen: These people in this market are hard working people! You don't come to make votes behind their backs!

rattle: Wow? Are you freaking out?!

Citizen: They need strong leaders, leaders who will… You have a big mouth and that's it!

Diana Sosoaca: Pedestist! Pedestist!

Citizen: It's not pesedist! From no party Resist! (…) What are you looking for at the Russian Embassy?

Diana Sosoaca: My business, me! Good for me for going, good for me!

Citizen: Our grandparents died, the Russians killed them, and you come here to bring us the Russians again?!

Diana Sosoaca: Well done to me because I have a tupeu, you don't have a tupeu and get out of here!

Citizen: Do you have the guts to step on corpses?!

Diana Sosoaca: Are you vaccinated?! You stepped on corpses!

Citizen: Our deceased grandparents ask you (no)!

Diana Sosoaca: Take me to resuscitation!

Citizen: Braila doesn't want you!

Diana Sosoaca: Well, and if you don't want me, I want you!”