Eurobarometer: How many Romanians trust the national army

A Eurobarometer survey conducted in April/May 2024 reveals that only 69% of Romanians trust the national army. This represents one of the lowest trust rates in the European Union, where the average is 74%.

Romania: One of the EU countries with the lowest level of trust in the military – Photo Shutterstock

Although Romanians’ trust in the army increased by 7 percentage points compared to last year, from 62%, Romania remains in the group of countries with the lowest levels of trust. Countries with even lower trust include Bulgaria (52%), Cyprus (68%), Hungary (61%), Malta (66%) and Slovakia (61%), according to G4Media.

At the opposite pole, the EU countries with the highest confidence in the military are Finland, with an impressive 95%, followed by Sweden (88%), France and Lithuania (81%).

At the regional level, the Republic of Moldova is at the bottom of the ranking, with only 32% of citizens trusting their national army.

These figures underline Romania’s need to continue working to improve the public’s perception of the military and to align the level of trust with the European media.

However, the institutions in which Romanians trust the most are the Army and the Church, followed by NATO and the EU. The Government and the Parliament are positioned at the bottom of the list of trusted institutions for Romanian citizens, according to an INSCOP survey, carried out at the end of last year.

Concretely, the army is the institution in which Romanians have the most trust, a percentage of 70.4% of respondents declared that they have high or very high trust in this institution (compared to 65.4% in 2013), followed by the Church with 62.5% (compared to 65.2% in 2013).