Flight attendants reveal foods and drinks to avoid on the plane: ‘If you’re picky, don’t eat it!’

Everyone who has traveled by plane has their own opinion about the food served on the plane. Flight attendants reveal what foods and drinks to avoid.

A flight attendant reveals the foods and drinks to avoid PHOTO: Shuterstock

First of all, passengers should be careful with water and hot drinks. While bottled water is good, tap water might be one to avoid, a flight attendant explained to HuffPost, as cited by indy100.

“It all comes down to how often the pipes are cleaned. Most flight attendants will not drink tap water, coffee or tea,” she said, adding that tap water is also commonly used to make coffee and tea.

Also pay close attention to the ice in the drink, which is often made using the same tap water.

Steaks and fillets are also another food category to avoid, flight attendants said.

“The ovens are only so big and they don’t fit much food in them. If you’re picky about how your steak should be done, don’t eat it.” a Delta Air Lines flight attendant told the publication.

Alcohol is another element that “it negatively affects the body when you are at high altitude,” Whytney added, also due to dehydration as well as lower oxygen levels in the body during the flight.

As for pasta and soups, they usually have a high salt content during flights, because “the low pressure means that these food groups taste less intense at low pressure, prompting aviation caterers to heavily season them.”

As for other refrigerated foods, experts warned that they should also be ignored. These are very fresh when served on airplanes.