Gianni Infantino, categorical announcement regarding the blue card. “It won't exist in professional football”

The International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body responsible for establishing football's rules, is to decide today on possible new changes aimed at improving on-field behavior and respect for referees.

Gianni Infantino is sure that no changes will be made regarding the cards. Profimedia photo

On the agenda will also be the option of temporary eliminations by introducing the blue card. But Gianni Infantino, who is attending the IFAB meeting in Glasgow, has already spoken out, claiming that the world forum is totally against this innovation. “Blue cards will not be used in professional football. This is a problem that does not exist for us”said the FIFA president when he arrived at the meeting with IFAB representatives.

Even UEFA does not want to hear about temporary eliminations

“FIFA opposes blue cards. I was not aware of this issue as FIFA President. I think FIFA has a say in IFAB. If you want a title, I'll give it to you: 'red card' for the blue card. We are always open to consider ideas and proposals, but once you analyze, you realize that tradition must be respected. The blue card will not exist”,
the FIFA president concluded, according to Mundo Deportivo.

The IFAB plans to introduce the new card in football, which will be awarded if footballers stop opponents' counter-attacks with tactical fouls or vehemently protest against the referees. The penalty would be a 10 minute suspension for the cautioned player. Two blue cards would be equivalent to one red. A few weeks ago, the head of UEFA, Alexander Ceferin, was against the new rule proposed by the IFAB.