Halep – Mouratoglou, a toxic relationship: Ovidiu Ioanițoaia shows how Simona was dominated by the French

Simona Halep (32 years old) played her last card, in a desperate attempt to save the end of her career at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne. Where Patrick Mouratoglou (53) was also questioned.

Simona Halep

He also admitted before the TAS judges that the collagen supplement, contaminated with Roxadustat, recommended by his Academy, was the basis of this doping scandal. Unfortunately, this testimony does very little to change the facts of the matter. Because the evidence against Simona is devastating. And they have already “buried” this one, at Sport Resolutions, the independent court in London that gave the first verdict in this case. That is, a 4-year suspension, valid until October 6, 2026!

Even if there remains the hope of a miracle, after the hearings at the CAS, through which “Simo” can obtain at least a reduction of the sentence, for now, the prospects of the Romanian are gloomy. And, regardless of the TAS decision, this “stain” will remain on Halep's CV! It is the consequence of a decision that “Simo” took in 2022. And about which Adevărul wrote, at length, here. This reality has been confirmed by many sources.

Including Ovidiu Ioanițoaia, the director of Gazeta Sporturilor, a reputable journalist, repeatedly emphasized that Halep lost everything at the hands of Mouratoglou. Now, after the hearings at the CAS, Ovidiu Ioanițoaia resumed this idea and noted, once again, this toxic relationship, Halep – Mouratoglou. Here are excerpts from the editorial published on gsp.ro, specifying that the full version can be read here:

*I expected Simona to disown those at the Mouratoglou Academy, in favor of whom she had sacrificed a whole team of compatriots, Ruzici, Cercel, others. And not only that. But to demand that, in parallel with it, they are also investigated. Be held accountable. Surprisingly, Simona did not do so. Despite the complicity of Mouratoglou, who reconfirmed his involvement in front of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, the city of Constanta appeared reconciled to the unfair fate!

*Although Mouratoglou et Comp. they made her miserable, basically, they ruined her career, Simona continued to claim an innocence in which fewer and fewer believe. He did not turn on Mouratoglou and his men, as he was supposed to react. Shockingly, he remained in the devil's camp and it all culminated in the moment when, after the TAS hearings, he agreed to have dinner tête-à-tête with Mouratoglou, so what? To put the country on track!

*Alta would have turned her back on him and treated him as an enemy who, it is no exaggeration, destroyed her. Not Simona either, maybe not bewitched by the Frenchman, but definitely dominated by him.

*To the extent that women are sometimes harder to understand, that's what they say, right?, Simona is really incomprehensible in the current situation. Hence the possibility, initially firmly rejected, that the relationship between her and Monsieur Patrick was not just one between a tennis player and her coach. To have meant something more.