When registrations start for the 2024 preparatory class. What parents need to know

The Ministry of Education has put into public debate the project regarding enrollment in the preparatory class for the 2024-2025 school year. The start will take place on March 25, when the schools will display the number of places and classes allocated, and from April 11 parents can submit the first enrollment applications.

The application for enrollment in class zero can also be completed online. Photo source: archive

There is not much left and the emotions are starting for the parents who are going to enroll their children in the zero grade. The Ministry of Education has put up for public debate the project regarding enrollment in the preparatory class, and the process will take place in two stages. The first stage takes place between May 14 and 29, and the second stage is between May 31 and June 21. Here are the highlights.

Enrollment for preparatory class 2024. Enrollment stages

The first stage of enrollment in primary education takes place between May 14-17, when the processing of enrollment applications and the assignment of children to the constituency school begins.

Between May 20 and May 27, requests are processed through which parents request the enrollment of their children in an educational unit other than the constituency school, on the remaining free places.

On May 29, schools display the lists of enrolled students and the number of places left vacant.

The second stage of registration for the preparatory class begins on May 30, with the communication of the specific procedure for assigning children to the available places, elaborated by the school inspectorate.

Until June 7, parents whose children were not included in any educational unit in the previous stage or who did not participate in the first stage can submit the registration-type applications. This is done at the secretariat of the educational unit in the first position among the three options expressed.

Between June 10 and 14, the registration-type requests are validated, and between June 17 and 21 they are processed. Also on June 21, parents can consult the final lists of enrolled students.

Parents can delay their children's school enrollment

The parents of children who turn 6 years old by August 31 can request in writing to postpone enrollment in the preparatory class for a maximum of one year, but only “in justified cases”, the draft methodology provides. However, it is not specified which would be the justified cases and how they can be proven. In addition, children who did not go to kindergarten due to “the lack of local infrastructure or temporarily resided abroad” can also be enrolled in the preparatory class, the document also states.

Enrollment of children in primary education is done by submitting a standard enrollment application accompanied by supporting documents. The registration form can be completed online, sent by e-mail, by post or submitted to the secretariat of the educational unit where the parent wishes to enroll the child.

In the case of filling out the enrollment application online, sending it by e-mail or by post, the parent will send the educational unit a standard declaration on his own responsibility.