PSD-Ciolos accusations on the subject of compensation for Roșia Montana

The spokesperson of the PSD, Lucian Romașcanu, claims that the Romanians will be the ones who risk paying damages if our country loses the lawsuit filed by Gabriel Resources, at the World Bank Tribunal, for Roșia Montana, and this situation would be caused by the decisions of Dacian Ciolos. The former USR co-president defends himself by asking to reveal who negotiated this contract, as well as the clauses therein.

Lucian Romașcanu: When there is something to fish, hop and Cioloș Photo: Archive

The winner is whoever knew how to create this type of business at that time and after. This could not be done without the complicity of certain authorities in Romania because this game worked well on the stock market, sometimes up, sometimes down depending on the statements of Mr. Băsescu or Mr. Boc and so on, but this will probably be investigated at some point and the truth will be found. The private institution in this contract with the Romanian state wins, the Romanians lose, because the Romanian state is actually the people and the people who contribute to the budget and who are forced to support a loss that is not caused by them. I still say that I hope for a decision, of course, it is hard to believe that it will be a favorable decision for Romania, but I hope for a decision with minimal penalties, in the sense that the investments made by Roșia Montana and that's all. Because on a history you can see all the profit that those who were and are shareholders of Roșia Montana Gold Corporation or Gabriel Resources had in the meantime”, said Lucian Romașcanu, in an interview published on the team's YouTube account, after being asked who he thinks will win and who will lose following the Roșia Montana situation.

The PSD spokesperson claims that the sending of the file to UNESCO by the Minister of Culture, Corina Șuteu, was “a gesture of extreme irresponsibility”, and accuses Dacian Cioloș of certain interests behind his decisions.

It is obvious that they cannot be accused of stupidity, they have some things in their lives that prove that the people who made certain decisions are not stupid, so the rest remains to be deduced or to prove what interests they had. After that law that failed, if I'm not mistaken, Victor Ponta came up with a new mining law that did not find support from the PNL, which would have solved this problem.

Mr. Cioloș who, when he finished his mandate, was baptized as the Zero Government, now we find out that it is the Government with a lot less money, I am talking about money, assumed through the Minister of Culture (Corina Șuteu nr) a gesture of extreme irresponsibility. Know that you have a situation with great potential financial and economic implications and yet on your own signature, without consulting with colleagues who held important portfolios: Economy, let's say, at least, Energy, send the file to UNESCO, that's not only history will judge, but also the competent authoritiesRomașcanu emphasized.

PSD spokesperson: Mr. Cioloș I see that it appears, disappears, appears, disappears

Lucian Romașcanu stated that whoever made the decisions in this case will have to “give an account, accusing Dacian Cioloș that after standing behind the movement to save Roșia Montana and coming back again with other initiatives “when it's something to fish for”.

You can't question this movement born with Roșia Montana, with “United we save”, and this rescue turned from a noble goal into something with many quotes because at Roșia Montana they didn't save anything, (. ..) on the contrary, after which came the Save Bucharest Union which (raised nr) on this first step and (…) managed to buy vaccines worth one billion (euro nr) + VAT, without the need . There is something somewhere, people are not stupid. Someone needs to find out why these things were done.

Mr. Cioloș I see that he appears, disappears, appears, disappears. When there's something to fish, hop on the TV too. When there is nothing to earn, he retires with that special pension to his home. Mister. Cioloș was Romania's Commissioner for Agriculture, we woke up with the lowest subsidies in the EU. Mr. Cioloș came and did not know how to make him spend over 10 million euros on Earth's Goodness, dust and powder. (…) Your followers and friends took vaccines enough to vaccinate the planet. He did the stupid things with Roșia Montană. Everything Cioloș, Orban means, it's obvious that the fault belongs to them”, Romascanu also said.

In fact, the PSD also said in previous statements that Romania risks paying huge damages to the company that owns the mining rights in Roșia Montană due to the decisions of Dacian Cioloș, when he was prime minister, Ludovic Orban and the USR ministers.

Cioloș: This story has been on the table since 1995

The former Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș rejected the accusations brought against him by Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu in the Roșia Montană file, and asked the Prime Minister to publish all the documents in the file.

Yes, yes, at one point they even said that I should be ashamed to run again, that's what democracy is for them, when they have no other arguments, they try to shut your mouth. Because I'm better known and I'm a politician I can't help but try to compromise me through press campaigns as they are used to. But instead of coming with answers and counterarguments to what I say, they come with threats. I am not impressed by these things. Obviously, who is to blame? Son of Soros”, stated Ciolos, at RFI

The former technocrat prime minister said that the Roșia Montană file has been on the table since the 90s, emphasizing that there are many uncertainties hanging over this file.

I was in government for a year. This story has been on the table since 1995. There are a bunch of governments that have failed, a bunch of prime ministers, yes PSD, yes PNL, yes mix it up. And obviously, who is to blame? Cioloș is to blame.

I asked some common sense questions: who negotiated this contract, who negotiated the clauses there, why governments made promises to a private company and borrowed money from that private company and so they did promises that they will allow them to exploit the resources, when that Roșia Montană area is protected by law in Romania?“, stated Dacian Cioloș.