How much does a family earn in which the husband and wife are truck drivers. They have accumulated a fortune and do not know how to invest the money

A Romanian family in which both husband and wife are truck drivers abroad, with an annual income of 80,000 euros, announced on a group dedicated to entrepreneurs that they want to return to Romania and open a business, but not knows where to invest the money.

A family where both spouses are truck drivers earns 80,000 euros annually PHOTO Pixabay

“My husband and I want to retire to Romania in the next two years maximum and we would like to open a business. We thought about buying, with cash, an apartment in the mountains for a hotel regime or 1-2 apartments in the university towns for rent. Another option would be the opening of an activity center for children, something innovative, because there is none in our city, a driving school focused more on the high-tonnage categories or a workshop of artistic moldings. I know they are from different fields, but there are things we would be good at. We are both truck drivers and our income is 80,000 euros per year, currently, as employees. Which do you think would be the most cost-effective,” wrote the woman, anonymously, on the Facebook group Young Entrepreneurs – Tips, ideas, business.

Opinions for and against

The post generated hundreds of comments. While some advised the couple to invest in what they know, others said it would be a mistake to give up the secure jobs they have for a business they aren't sure will be profitable .

“My family and I, although we have a business, this year we hope to be able to leave Romania. Definitely. For the good of the children, for our good, because we can no longer bear the mess, the toxicity (Ploiești), the bureaucracy, the corruption, the much too high taxes, because it is getting worse and worse. I wish you success if you return. We are fed up”wrote an entrepreneur.

“We came back from the USA (necessary) for a period in Romania. We were entrepreneurs there, and that's what we do here. Romania has its opportunities, but also many minuses and things that must be accepted as they are. After three years back in Romania, we live every day the comparison with the USA and I cannot say that I recommend the return of some Romanians home. You will always have in mind the comparison with a country, probably better developed and settled (even with the problems and shortages there). If you have no business experience it is not impossible to succeed even in Romania, but it will be very difficult. I recommend that you educate yourself/inform yourself about the path you want to start. Good luck!”was one of the tips.

“After a year of entrepreneurship in Romania, you will miss the 80,000 euros”, was the “encouragement” a member of the group.

“Buy as many apartments as you can. After that, open a truck driving school. What you know how to do best brings you the most profit, and apartments will help you have relatively passive income until the driving school develops. Success!”was another piece of advice.

“We have a lot to think about and take into account“, was the conclusion of the author of the post after the avalanche of messages.