PNL does not give in. Ciucă: The party must have its own presidential candidate

The President of the PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, declared, on Monday, before the meeting of the governing coalition regarding the debates on the merging of the elections and establishing their calendar, that the formation he leads must have its own presidential candidate.

Ciucă: We analyzed the scenario of the merger of the 1st round of the presidential elections Photo: Archive

Before the merger was discussed, I went to the National Political Bureau and asked for a mandate for the party leadership to negotiate and we asked for negotiation for the merger without any other option to be assumed by the party leadership, anything else outside of this mandate cannot be assumed by the party leadership. The National Liberal Party must have its own presidential candidate, that is all that can be healthier for democracy“, said the PNL leader, Nicolae Ciucă, at ​​the party's headquarters, after being asked about the scenario of a single candidate of the coalition, in the presidential elections.

Ciucă also charged the idea of ​​the Social Democratic Party that the liberals should support them for the position of prime minister and the candidacy for the capital's mayor's office in exchange for supporting the PSD presidential candidate

It does not seem to me at all beneficial to all that a democratic voting process means to negotiate all these matters as if they were so determined in advance“, said the head of the PNL, according to

Nicolae Ciucă emphasized that the variant of separate candidacies “it is a very good solution because they will see each of them which is the option of the Romanians for one party or another“.

Regarding the scenario of merging the parliamentary elections with the 2nd round of the presidential elections, Ciucă specified that, “if this can be a solution, why not, anything can reduce the number of election rounds“, adding that it was “also analyzed the 1st round (from the presidential election no)”. “He was the best fit legally“, the PNL leader also said.