How the comedian Mircea Bravo gathered, in just one hour, appreciations enough to run for the presidency. “Looks like me”

Comedian Mircea Bravo is one of the most beloved Romanians, and his films have gathered millions of people in cinemas and in front of televisions. In fact, he has millions of followers on social networks and has fans including from abroad.

Mircea Bravo has 3.4 million fans on Facebook alone, plus several hundred thousand on other social networks. Another proof of his popularity and the fact that he is loved by his fans can get 100,000 likes with one post in about an hour.

“Since yesterday, Georgiana and I are the parents of this little girl named Mira. She's a lot like me, she's very kind and tolerant with those around her”, is the short message sent by the comedian and accompanied by a photo that is worth 1,000 words. In the picture, Mircea Bravo appears holding his little treasure in his arms.

Mircea Bravo is a happy dad.  PHOTO Facebook / MB

Mircea Bravo is a happy dad. PHOTO Facebook / MB

With these appreciations gathered within an hour, if they were transformed into signatures, Mircea Bravo could also run for the post of president of Romania. All provided they ever want it.

Currently, according to the law in force, the number of signatures required to validate candidacy for the presidential elections is 100,000 for independent candidates. In contrast, those running on behalf of some political formations need 200,000 signatures.

Assuming that one day he would choose to run for the highest office in the state, Mircea Bravo would not be the only comedian to become president.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy was a lifelong comedian before successfully running for president in his country. And if initially his election caused smiles and ironies and was received with distrust everywhere, including among some Ukrainian political analysts, he proved that he is the president that Ukraine needed in such a complicated moment, especially after the invasion Russian.

The difference between the two is that, at least for now, Mircea Bravo would not be tempted by a political career and rather declares himself apolitical.