Violator Dani Alves, crushed: sentenced to prison and made to pay a fortune to the victim

Dani Alves (40 years old) played for Brazil at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and a month after the competition ended, he ended up being imprisoned in Spain for sexual assault! This shocking story has now brought a first verdict that simply destroys the former Barcelona star.

Dani Alves

Alves has already spent a year behind bars because he was deemed to be able to flee Spain pending hearings. Which took place between February 7-9. And now, the court gave the verdict: imprisonment with execution, for 4 and a half years for Dani Alves! He must also pay damages of 150,000 euros to the victim he assaulted in a night club. The Brazilian can also not contact the woman who reported her to the police for the next 9 months.

This verdict can be appealed by Dani Alves. First, at the Supreme Court of Justice in Barcelona, ​​and then, if the Brazilian will not be satisfied with the decision here, also at the Supreme Court. Until all these stages pass, Dani Alves will remain in prison, where he has arrived, starting from January 2023.