Icon of the “Stabbed” Mother of God. The origin of this unique image of the wounded Virgin Mary with the baby in her arms

The “Stabbed” icon of the Mother of God is a fresco painted in the 14th century. The church has a story about this icon, with a unique representation, on which a monk raised his hand.

Icon of the Mother of God-Stabbed PHOTO: Doxologia.ro

The “Stabbed” icon of the Mother of God is one of the miracle-working icons of the Mother of God kept in the Vatoped Monastery, in the Holy Mount Athos.

The icon bears the name “Stabbed” because of an incident, related by the Doxology. ro. In a monastery there once lived a deacon monk. This monk always arrived at the refectory after the meal was over. Once, the parents who were collecting meals got mad that he was late again and didn't give him anything to eat.

“A hierodeacon who had the obedience of the ecclesiarch, because of his duties, arrived late to the refectory. Once, he arrived after the meal was over, and the cook refused to give him any more food, reminding him that he should have come on time if he wanted to eat. With his soul full of rebellion for what had happened, the deacon went angrily to the church and, stopping in front of the icon of the Mother of God, did not think to ask her to help him, but said: < How long have I been serving you? I tried, but I don't know what this looks like. Don't you care if I eat or not? >, writes Doxologia.ro.

In a moment of anger, the monk struck the face of the Mother of God with a knife in the cheek. Blood flowed from the wound, and the face of the Mother of God became pale. After this incident, the monk spent the rest of his life in a pew on the opposite side of the icon.

“Frightened, the monk went blind and fell in front of the icon, completely bereft of his senses, like Cain, the murderer of old. He remained in this state for three years. Then, thanks to the persistent prayers of the abbot and the monks, the Mother of God appeared to the abbot and told him that the deacon was cured. Recovering, the deacon repented for his deed. Sitting in front of the icon, he spent the rest of his life in repentance”, sput the caption.

Three years after the monk fell asleep, when he was exhumed, his right hand was found intact. This hand is still preserved today, uncorrupted, next to the icon of the Mother of God.

Starting from Friday, February 9, 2024, at 5:00 p.m., until Sunday, February 11, at 6:00 p.m., the faithful of the Archdiocese of Tomis will be able to honor the icon of the “Stabbed” Mother of God, which will be brought from the Piatra Tăieturii Monastery, from Panaci, Suceava county. The icon is celebrated on January 21.