INSCOP survey: Nicuşor Dan is leading the race for the Capital City Hall. Who takes second place

Nicusor Dan is in the first place in the voting intentions of Bucharest residents for the post of general mayor, with 38.5% of the options, followed by Cristian Popescu Piedone – 27.4% and Gabriela Firea – 21.4%, according to a survey produced by INSCOP at the request of

Nicusor Dan leads the race for the Capital City Hall PHOTO Bucharest City Hall

If next Sunday the citizens of Bucharest were called to vote for their new Mayor General, out of the 89.1% who express an intention to vote, 38.5% would vote for Nicusor Dan (supported by the United Right Alliance – USR, PMP, Forța Dreptei), 27.4% for Cristian Popescu Piedone (PUSL), 21.4% for Gabriela Firea (PSD), 10.1% for Sebastian Burduja (PNL) and 2.4% for Mihai Enache. 0.1% of respondents indicated another candidate, while no respondent declared that they would vote for an independent.


Nicusor Dan also leads the notoriety list, with Gabriela Firea in second place, and Cristian Popescu Piedone in third place. Cristian Popescu Piedone leads, however, in the top of the trust, being followed by Nicusor Dan and Gabriela Firea.

Regarding the vote for the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest (CGMB), the scores are: United Right Alliance – 31.4%, PSD – 29%, PNL – 13.9%. Almost 70% of those questioned declare that they will certainly go to vote.

The opinion poll was carried out by INSCOP Research on behalf of Press Agency. The data were collected between April 23 and 27, through the CATI method (telephone interviews), through the questionnaire.

The volume of the simple, stratified sample is 2,100 people, representative of the significant socio-demographic categories (sex, age, occupation) for the non-institutionalized population of Romania, aged 18 and over.

The maximum allowable error of the data is ± 2.14% at a 95% confidence level.