Istvan Kovacs, big news after ruining the Sepsi – Craiova match. The only “central” going to Euro 2024

On the day when the Sepsi – Universitatea Craiova match was dusted, score 1-3, Istvan Kovacs received great news. It will be the only Romanian “central” at Euro 2024 in Germany.

Istvan Kovacs made a laughingstock at the Sfântu Gheorghe match. Profimedia photo

Istvan Kovacs made 6 wrong decisions in the duel between Sepsi and Universitatea Craiova, all with major impact, and received a grade 1 from The problem is that the referee was not at his first modest performance in this championship, and he is accused that the influence that the Greek Kyros Vassaras has at UEFA, the head of the CCA, protects him in front of the European officials.

Hațegan will stay at home

“My information is that UEFA made the decision to stop Istvan Kovacs from the Euro squad, not Haţegan. The only brigade going to the Euros is that of Istvan Kovacs. He is now number 6 on the list of FIFA referees at UEFA. It's the 6th place, he was promoted”, said Dan Udrea at OrangeSport. The “Central” from Carei was also present at the World Championship in Qatar 2022, but was only a reserve in several games. At Euro 2024, he will certainly be delegated to at least one match.

The information comes just a few hours after Istvan Kovacs refereed biasedly in the match won by Craiova University at Sfântu Gheorghe, 3-1 against Sepsi. He denied the hosts two penalties in the first half, and in total there were 6 erroneous decisions, most of them in favor of Craiova.