Romică Țociu says she is a “bomb” professionally and personally: “I am in top shape!”

Romică Țociu (62 years old) is going through a full period from a professional point of view. The actor is involved in projects that keep him very busy: he makes a good team with Paula Chirilă on “I know you from somewhere”, he films for the series “Bravo, tata!”, also from Antena 1, and the list goes on with many other professional commitments.

Romică Țociu and Cornel Palade. PHOTO Click!

In an interview for Click!, Romică Țociu told how he copes with his busy schedule and how well his wife, Nicoleta, understands him.

Make a teamwith Paula Chirilă at “I know you from somewhere”!

The team with Paula Chirilă is perfect. In fact, it's the first time we sing together, we've had skits together before, because we've been to a lot of shows, and iUmor, and Summer Splash. I had the joy of having her score next to me, we get along wonderfully. Paula is an accomplished actress, but also a colleague to match.

We make a perfect duo, because we know how to give each other work as a couple. Working as a couple is not easy, you also have to look at your partner and see if he is good, if he is having a good day, if not, you have to do it yourself. I know this because I have 35 years of experience in this field, together with Cornel Palade. This year we have been together for 35 years!

Is it going well with Cornel Palade?

It works together, it's ok! We have events, I have good projects, besides “TI know her from somewhere“, I'm also at “Well done, Dad!” and I'm going through a good time in my life.

You said that the wife is also happy because you are doing well professionally!

Yes, well, when I'm good, the whole family is good! Everyone rejoices! And the cat because it switches from dry to wet food (laughs)!

How is the relationship with the wife after all this time?

After 29 years, it's an extraordinary relationship (…)!

What is Romică Țociu like as a grandfather?

As a grandfather (…) it's different than being a father, because the children come already prepared for the joy of meeting me. When Cătălin and Daria were small, you had to take care of them, give them food, etc…, the joy was half, so they come prepared, eaten, drunk, dressed, I do nothing but enjoy let them enjoy me too.

How do you like to characterize yourself now?

Now I am in top shape, I feel extraordinary (…).

Very cool! So Romică Țociu is sensational!

It's bomb!

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