The oldest student in Romania. He completed his master's studies at almost 89 years old

It's never too late to complete your studies. This is also true in the case of Aurel Voicu, who, at almost 89 years old, completed his master's studies at the “1 Decembrie 1918” Alba Iulia University.

Aurel Voicu is the oldest student. Photo Facebook/Universitatea “1 Decembrie 1918” Alba Iulia

Aurel Voicu, former mayor of the city of Cugir, was born on June 17, 1935. His passion for history led him to pursue a master's degree in “Research, preservation and valorization of historical heritage”, according to Agerpres.

Before occupying the position of mayor of Cugir, Voicu was also deputy mayor until 2008.

During the graduation ceremony, rector Daniel Breaz wanted to specify on Saturday that the man is “an example“.

In this sense, the University “1 Decembrie 1918” Alba Iulia wanted to congratulate Voicu Aurel also through a post made on Facebook.

Of course, on such a special day, a truly unique moment could not be missing: the awarding of the most honorable graduate of UAB, Mr. Voicu Aurel.

We warmly congratulate you on your perseverance and work as an exemplary student“, the relevant post states.

At the graduation celebration, which took place in the Cetății Square in Alba Iulia, over a thousand graduates were present, including young people from over 30 countries, according to the rector.

You are a special promotion, you are a special promotion, you are a promotion that will certainly bring us pride. You will be a successful graduation, because so were the other graduations of our university“, Daniel Breaz wanted to communicate.

Founded in 1991, when it had only one faculty, that of Humanities, with specializations in History and Orthodox Theology, and a Technical and Economic College, the university of Alba Iulia currently has five faculties: History, Letters and Educational Sciences, Economic Sciences , Computer Science and Engineering, Law and Social Sciences and Orthodox Theology.