The secret of Jerry Seinfeld's excellent condition, reached the age of 70. What keeps him in shape VIDEO

Jerry Seinfeld, famous for his role in the comedy series “Seinfeld”, recently turned 70, but he keeps himself in enviable physical shape. The American actor revealed some of the secrets of his success in an interview with journalist Graham Bensinger.

Jerry Seinfeld (photo Graham Bensinger – Youtube) / Marcus Aureliu, Source Wikipedia.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has declared himself an admirer of the writings of Marcus Aurelius, the second-century Roman emperor noted for his Stoic-influenced philosophical writings collected in the Meditations.

“Marcus Aurelius had fantastic observations about life. One of them is that all the things you worry about will go away. The people who criticize you will disappear, you will disappear and all the worries about how people view you or that someone said something bad about you and you are now angry because of it is a waste of time and energy. Marcus Aurelius was showing that the only thing you should focus on is improving what you do. Anything else is a complete waste of time”says comedian Jerry Seinfeld, in the interview (video) published by Graham Bensinger.

Meditation, the comedian's daily source of energy

The actor also stated that he exercises daily, lifts weights and meditates at least twice a day.

Meditation provides his daily energy surplus, comedian Jerry Seinfeld explained in his humorous style.

“You need energy. It is the most valuable thing in human life. When you sleep, you rest your body. The next time you wake up, before you leave the bed, stand up, turn around and look at the bed. Did you find what happened there relaxing? Did what happened there show peace? Not. It is a necessary component of human life, but it is not the level of rest that you need and that is effortlessly accessible to you.”shows Jerry Seinfeld.

Meditation requires no effort, and exercise is the opposite of that, the American actor explained.

“Exercise is great for energy, but it takes more effort than anything else. It is an incredibly difficult thing. Meditation is quite easy, easier than a relaxing five-minute bath. And it's all you need to do to double the amount of energy you need to achieve what you want. How not to use something like that?“, comedian Jerry Seinfeld also said.