The Romanians beat Hungary at Euro 2024: the banner that puts salt in the wound of the Hungarians PHOTO

Romania is preparing for the eighth Euro 2024, but for Hungary this competition has ended, dramatically, as Adevărul wrote here. In fact, the elimination of the Hungarians was the result of a “football donkeys“, as we were told.

Romanian fans are having a great time in Germany. PHOTO: The Truth Archive

It is certain that the elimination of the Hungarians from the competition made it difficult for us to continue our mission at Euro 2024. As usual, however, the Romanians thought of making fun of the trouble. And they took Hungary by storm with a viral banner online.

The message sent by the Romanian fans, located in Germany, denotes the fact that, after Transylvania and the Carpathian Mountains, we now also have a qualification in the eighths of Euro 2024, unlike Hungary.

The ironic banner about Hungary.  PHOTO:

The ironic banner about Hungary. PHOTO:

Euro 2024, the table of the best

June 29 (Berlin): Switzerland – Italy 2-0

June 29 (Dortmund): Germany – Denmark 2-0

June 30 (Gelsenkirchen, 19.00): England – Slovakia

June 30 (Koln, 22.00): Spain – Georgia

July 1 (Frankfurt, 19.00): France – Belgium

July 1 (Frankfurt, 22.00): Portugal – Slovenia

July 2 (Munich, 7 p.m.): Romania – Netherlands

July 2 (Leipzig, 10 p.m.): Austria – Turkey