Unpleasant surprise for a group of Romanian tourists in Greece: they were taken off the ferry directly into deep water: “The children were scared” VIDEO

A Romanian told on a forum for vacationers in Greece what an unpleasant surprise he had during a boat trip. He and the other tourists were thrown off a ferry straight into deep, choppy water. “It’s dangerous, the children are scared”commented the Romanian on Forum Crete.

The incident happened during a walk between the Greek islands. The Romanian filmed the scene where the tourists were forced to get off the ship directly into the water.

“I am attaching a video so you know what to expect if you take the ferry from Kiassamos to Balos. Landing in Balos is in deep water and waves and is no fun not to mention dangerous. Hundreds of people were brought down like this. We went with children and they were really scared by the crowds, big waves and deep water. In the end everything was ok and everyone reached the shore safely, but it’s clearly not for amateurs”. he wrote on “Forum Crete“.

The experience of the Romanian was commented on the Internet by many people. Some said it was an isolated case.

“Clearly it’s an exception, I’ve been there twice and nothing like that happened. It doesn’t mean that it’s just like that, the conditions are what they are, but by no means all the time. If everything was fine, it means that the world shouldn’t think that this is the only way I get to Balos beach”, said one netizen.

Others blame travel agencies that do not properly inform their customers.

“Obviously these negative surprises shouldn’t exist. The agencies that organize these activities must present their method from the start so that the people, who also pay, know what they are getting into and have the opportunity to choose whether to accept or not. We took a boat from an agency in Rethymnon last year with the aim of snorkeling. I can’t explain the surprise to find that we were taken out to sea in very deep water and big waves, not to mention the activity we paid for. It was extremely dangerous and we clearly had no choice but to be very disappointed. It’s great that you pointed this out through this post. It is not an isolated case nor should it be overlooked that you are paying for lies and above all exposing yourself to danger”, commented the Romanian who had several unpleasant surprises in Greece.

“I went through the same situation yesterday. My girls cried, I hardly soothed them. Maybe it’s painful for adults, but for kids it was a bit shocking”said a tourist.

Some Romanians say that, in fact, such things happen frequently in Greece.

“I think you have to adjust your expectations. There was no way the ship would get close enough to the sand for you to get out of the car. He got close enough anyway. Waves and high water, where? Indeed, it is crowded, I wouldn’t have gone, but that also depends on realistic expectations,” wrote a member of the group.

Tourists get off a ferry directly into the water PHOTO: video capture

“Most ships take tourists like this”another person wrote.

“Disappointment comes when you see all kinds of wow videos on the internet and in reality you find something else” claims another tourist.

Balos Beach is located in a natural area in the west of the island of Crete and is an attraction for tourists arriving in Greece.