The simulation of the national Baccalaureate exam continues with the written tests, in 1,320 high schools

The simulation of the national exams, organized by the Ministry of Education, continues in the week of March 4-7, with the written tests of the baccalaureate exam (for students of the 12th and 13th grades in the evening/reduced frequency), informs Agerpres.

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The simulation of the Baccalaureate exam from the 2023-2024 school year will be organized in over 1,320 educational units and will involve the participation of over 146,000 students, the Ministry of Education estimates, according to an official statement.

The subjects for which there are written exams are: Romanian language and literature – test E) a), native language and literature (for students from all streams, profiles and specializations, who attended high school studies in a language of national minorities) – test E) b), mathematics, history, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics, geography, logic, argumentation and communication, psychology, economics, sociology and philosophy – tests E) c) and E) d).

The subjects and the scales are according to the simulation programs approved by the Ministry of Education and will be published every exam day, at 3:00 p.m., on the dedicated web page, the cited source states.

The evaluation of the works will be done digitally, through the platform used by the Ministry of Education to simulate the National Evaluation tests for the 8th grades.

The results will be communicated individually on March 15 and will be analyzed at the level of each educational unit through discussions with students, meetings with parents, as well as at the level of the teachers' council. The objective pursued is to improve school performances in the perspective of this summer's exam by adopting the most appropriate measures in this regard.

The grades are not included in the catalog, but, by way of exception, at the written request of the student/parent, they can be recorded in the catalog, states the Ministry of Education.