They quickly cut into living flesh: Albu and Borza found out their fate after the amateurism they showed

Rapid has this tradition of throwing his fans from agony to ecstasy and back again! And what happened over the weekend confirmed, once again, this reality when we talk about the Giulești formation. Because, coming after five consecutive victories in the championship in 2024, Rapid has “successful” have a noisy fall!

Alexandru Albu and Andrei Borza

As if the away defeat against Poli Iasi (1-3) was not enough, the match was followed by the scandal caused by Alexandru Albu (30 years old) and Andrei Borza (18 years old). They left the team training camp and partied in a night club. As the images of Albu and Borza reached the media, the management of Rapid was forced to cut into the flesh. In a first phase, Albu and Borza were excluded from the team for an indefinite period. But now, according to the director of Fanatik, Horia Ivanovici, a journalist with very good sources, the final decision has been made regarding the Albu-Borza couple.

Concretely, they will only miss Wednesday's game (9 p.m.), at home, with UTA in the 28th round. Then, they will return under Bergodi's command and will be used in the following games. Instead, Albu and Borza will be hit where the effect of the sanction will be the most painful: in the pocket! Horia Ivanovici announced that the two will lose 10 percent of their salary for the month of February.